Kindle Fire Accessories

Kindle Fire Accessories

Find the Right Tools for Your Amazon Tablet!

Shopping around for Kindle Fire accessories is a ton of fun, at least I love it!

But there are so many choices out there, that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

That's where Love My Fire comes into play!

Together we'll share (and organize) all the great accessories for the Kindle Fire that we come across, including covers, cases, styluses, Wi-Fi devices, and much more.

There are some fabulous tips and tricks in these articles to help you pick out the right Kindle Fire accessories for you and your tablet, so check them all out.

A Variety of Accessories

At first there may not appear to be all that many Kindle Fire accessories but when you list them they really add up, especially with all the cool new gadgets being designed for the Kindle Fire and other tablets.

Amazon is not the only one that sells great accessories, either.

Here's my list (thus far) of cool accessories you can find.

Kindle Fire Accessories:

  • Bluetooth Keyboards
  • Cases & Covers
  • Gift Cards
  • HDMI TV Cables
  • Miracast Wirless Push2TV
  • Screen Protectors
  • Screen Cleaner & Cloths
  • Styluses/Styli
  • Earphones & Headphones
  • External Battery Chargers
  • Portable Hard Drives
  • USB/Power Cables & Chargers
  • Warranties
  • WiFi (MiFi) Mobile Hotspots
  • Electronic Accessories

Let's go over some of these in more detail, shall we?

Kindle Fire Accessories
Lightbulb Ico

I've updated this page to also include electronic Kindle Fire accessories, like Amazon Prime and Amazon Coins, so don't miss them!

Exclamation Point

Important Note!

The first thing to be aware of when buying accessories from Amazon is that their lists of Kindle Fire accessories are limited! This applies to Kindle Fire HD accessories too!

Often, the items listed in Amazon's Kindle Accessories Store are more expensive than other items you can find if you search in the Electronics category.

Here's a screen shot of the page I'm talking about:

LIMITED: Amazon Kindle Fire Accessories

These pages DO NOT show all of the available Kindle Fire accessories on Amazon's website, but give a limited selection of options! (Why? I have no idea! Doesn't seem very clever to me, but whatever.)

For example, when you click on "Covers and Cases" you will not see all the Kindle Fire covers that Amazon has for sale. There are TONS more types and styles to choose from that aren't being shown! Personally, some of the items that I think are the best aren't even listed.

That's why it's extra important to know what you are looking for so you can do a detailed search for the specific item, color, or feature that you want with your accessory.

Thankfully, I'm here to help you discover what you want- isn't that sweet of me? ;)

Kindle Fire Bluetooth Keyboards

This is one of my newest accessories, a bluetooth keyboard! This fun device is an excellent addition, especially for those of us who are really long winded (er, typists).

I can easily type up page long emails, forum posts, and on occasion, Facebook updates. However, there's no way I can create long posts with the Kindle Fire's onscreen keyboard.

Using an external keyboard is 100 times faster and easier for that kind of writing.

Kindle Fire Cases and Covers

Kindle Fire Accessory: Black and Red Cover

Lets talk about the difference between cases and covers for your Kindle Fire. Why? Aren't they the same thing? Sadly, no, that would make life too simple. Fortunately, I clarify things in my article, Kindle Fire Covers vs Kindle Fire Cases.

Understanding the differences between these two types of accessories will make things much easier when deciding which kind you want and then finding the right one.

Next see my help with:

Which Kindle Fire Cover is Best?

After deciding what features you want, be sure to see these great articles:

Then you'll be ready to go shopping!

If you want to start looking right now, you can browse through Amazon's Kindle Fire Covers or Kindle Fire Cases. Of course, I highly suggest reading my articles as they are full of helpful details, especially knowing the biggest cover mistake.

Amazon Gift Cards

$25 Amazon Gift Card

Purchasing an Amazon gift card is the perfect accessory to go with your Kindle Fire. This way you (or your loved one if this is for them) can buy ebooks, apps, games, videos, or even a magazine subscription.

What's the point of having such an amazing digital tablet if you don't put anything on it? Of course, you can find bucket loads of free stuff, which is great (I love free stuff, who doesn't?) but there are some really fabulous digital goodies out there that you're going to want to buy.

See my article on Amazon Gift Cards to learn why using a gift card with your Kindle Fire FOR YOURSELF is such an excellent idea and totally worth doing. I also show you how to redeem a gift card and check your balance right on your tablet!

Using gift cards for purchasing future Kindle Fire accessories is great too, so if you're not sure yet what you want, a gift card is the way to go!

Kindle Fire to TV: HDMI Cables & Miracast Wirless Push2TV

One super fun feature of the newer Kindle Fires is to view your screen on an HDTV.

For those of you with the first generation Kindle Fire HD you only need an inexpensive HDMI to Micro-HDMI cable for hooking up your tablet to your HDTV. However, Kindle Fire HDX users will need a Miracast accessory AND a regular HDMI to HDMI cable.

My family and I use these accessories all the time for watching movies, TV shows, playing games, browsing the Internet with others, and other fun adventures! :)

Hooking up your Kindle Fire to your TV is really easy to do, BUT you need the right accessories for it to work, so please see my tutorials for all the details:

Screen Protectors

The Best Kindle Fire Screen Protector

After quite a bit of research and personal experience, I've learned some useful things about the Kindle Fire screen, like how strong it is against scratches, drops, and other accidents.

I used to think that you didn't really need a screen protector but now I've learned (the hard way) that it's an important Kindle Fire accessory to have!

Mini Kindle Fire Exclamation Point

Don't miss my screen page linked to above to see pictures of what happened to my first Kindle Fire, and to learn from my mistake... so you don't make it too.

After some additional testing I've discovered the Best Kindle Fire Screen Protector! Or, if you'd like to do your own research, you can start by checking out these Kindle Fire screen protectors.

Screen Cleaner and Cloths

Tablet Screen Cleaner & Clothes

One of the not so charming things about the Kindle Fire is its ability to show all kinds of smudges and finger prints. Thus, having a little bottle of cleaner and a soft cloth nearby is a good extra accessory to have.

There are all kinds of cleaners out there that you can use, but it definitely doesn't have to be exclusively made for tablets. I personally use a lens cleaner and microfiber cloth designed for cleaning glasses, and it works great.

After some additional research I'll add more screen cleaning articles and resources in the near future (including how to make your own inexpensive cleaner), so stay tuned!

Until then, if you're looking for a screen cleaner for your Kindle Fire you can browse through the ones on Amazon, they have a huge selection, of course.

Styluses (Correctly Known as Styli)

Kindle Fire Stylus and Pen Accessories

Using a stylus is a great way to keep the screen of your Kindle Fire clean, and is sometimes easier to use instead of your fingers.

Instead of touching your tablet with your oily fingers you use the tip of a specially designed pen called a stylus.

Best Kindle Fire Stylus? Find out now!

Unfortunately, there are some really cheap styli out there (I know, I've bought and used a few of them myself) but there are also some good quality ones at affordable prices as well.

Of course there are super expensive ones too, so if that's what you're looking for you'll find them.

After a year of buying and testing out several different styli (including Amazon's stylus) I've finally found the Best Kindle Fire Stylus!

I'm so excited to share this fabulous stylus with you so be sure to check it out.

I love using a stylus, but I still use my fingers to touch the screen, especially if I'm too impatient to grab my stylus first (which is usually the case).

USB/Power Cables & Chargers

The original Kindle Fire (1st generation) only came with the basic power cable for charging your device, while the second generation and Kindle Fire HD tablets come with a USB cable, but not the wall plug.

See my Kindle Fire HD 7" page to learn more about the extra Kindle Fire accessory you can buy, which you connect to the USB cable to plug into the wall and charge your tablet.

If you have the original Kindle Fire and want to be able to physically connect your tablet to your computer you will need a cable with a micro-USB on one end (connects to your tablet) and a regular USB plug on the other end (the part that plugs into your computer).

Kindle FirePower Cable and USB Cords

Many electronic devices (phones, cameras, etc) come with this type of cable, so you might already have one. If not, you can purchase a micro-USB cable at any electronic store or online.

One quick tip is to use a Wi-Fi connection from your tablet to your computer to transfer files. You don't need to worry about cables when you use this "wireless" method. There's a really great app that does this called WiFi File Explorer Pro.

This app is on my exclusive list of the Best Kindle Fire Apps, so if you'd like to know more about it, sign up for my Kindle Fire Alerts for instant access!

Kindle Fire Warranties

How about a special Kindle Fire warranty that comes with a protection plan? If your tablet is dropped, gets liquid spilled on it, cracks, or breaks the warranty will replace it!

This is especially valuable if you have children who love to play with your electronics (as most do) since they may not be as careful as an adult... although some of us can be quite accident prone as well.

Electronic Kindle Fire Accessories

Although these items are not physical accessories, I consider them electronic accessories.

The first one is Amazon Coins and the other is Amazon Prime. There are probably others out there, which I'll add to this section, but this is what I've written about thus far.

See my reviews of each of these electronic accessories including what comes with them, my thoughts and experiences, and if they are worth the cost.

More Kindle Fire Accessories

I'm continually researching and adding more information about other great Kindle Fire accessories so be sure to check back often, or better yet, subscribe to my Alerts to be notified of the latest Kindle Fire resources to this site!

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