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Kindle Fire Tablet 2015 Model
Kindle Fire Tablet 2015 Model

Discovering Amazon's Kindle Fire!

Hi, I'm Christine and I (obviously) love my Kindle Fire. I'm passionate about all that this cool device can do!

Amazon's Best-Selling Product!

With the Kindle Fire being "The #1 best-selling product on Amazon"* there's a real need for a friendly, easy-to-use website about these tablets.

Especially with the All-New Fire Max 11, released in 2023.

My purpose for Love My Fire is to help you love your Kindle Fire as much as I do mine!

Alright, let's get to it, shall we?

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Amazon's Kindle Fire

If you're a new Kindle Fire owner (or want to be one) a great place to start is my page About the Kindle Fire where I discuss the different versions of this tablet, and all the basic features.

Not only will you find articles for all the technical specs (such as storage and price) but you'll learn everything the Kindle Fire can do, and even see pictures of all the cool background images!

Kindle Fire Accessories

Where would an electronic device be without a few accessories?

Since we can't have a new toy without adding a few extra gadgets let's take a look at all the fun gizmos there are out there, such as:

  • the difference between covers and cases
  • the best cover, screen protector, and stylus
  • how to use a bluetooth keyboard
  • connect to your TV and much more!

Kindle Fire Apps

One of the best things about Amazon's tablet that I really enjoy, is playing with all the apps on my Kindle Fire. I even have a list of my favorites!

There are so many apps out there! It's a ton of fun downloading and playing with all of them.

I also go over app safety, apps for kids, alternative app stores, and much more!

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Kindle Fire Books

If you're a book lover then my section all about Kindle Fire Books is the one for you!

To start off, I have a fabulous, step-by-step tutorial about how to find free Kindle Fire Books, which you can also use to follow the Best Sellers on Amazon and what's hot in your favorite genres.

You'll find a list of Amazon's fabulous book deals and other useful tutorials, including how to check out free books and audio books from your local library right to your Kindle Fire!

(Most of these articles work great for international Kindle Fire owners too, so check them all out.)

Kindle Fire Games

What with being a bit of a game addict, I've had a ton of fun playing Kindle Fire Games and then writing about them on my site.

Along with some useful information about free games and in-app purchases, there are lists of the best games and tons of free games to play on your Fire!

You're bound to find some fun new apps you haven't yet played.

Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks

How about some fun tricks and tips for using your Kindle Fire? Such as side loading non-Amazon apps, installing the Google Play Store, and connecting your tablet to your TV!

I really enjoy figuring things out (sometimes to the point of obsession) so if you're trying to do something new, check out my tutorials which are full of photos and easy step-by-step instructions.

(Also see my FAQ for even more help!)

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Kindle Fire Community

This website is a friendly community for Kindle Fire fans to share and learn together all we can about Amazon's cool new tablet.

Post your thoughts in the comments section or share this site with your friends using the features at the bottom of most pages.

Also, a big thanks to all my wonderful site visitors, you've been so friendly and supportive! You're the ones who make this site so successful. Thank you!

For all of you who are new, please join us as we continue to develop this fun Kindle Fire community! We'd love to hear from you. :)

Testimonials From Love My Fire Fans!

If you've found my website useful please submit your testimonial (or read those of others)! I'd love to hear what you think about this site and how it has helped you.

Also, if you're new to using the Kindle Fire and are feeling a little overwhelmed don't worry about it. You'll easily learn all you need to know at your own pace, and I'll help you along the way. :) To get you started I have an article on the basics of how to use your Kindle Fire.

Now go enjoy your Kindle Fire. I am!

Looking for something specific? Search this site, visit my list of FAQs, or browse the site map for an index of all the pages on this site- there's a ton of them- which are nice and organized.

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