20 Great Gifts for Kindle Fire Owners

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

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Amazon's Fire tablet makes a great gift for anyone - it's affordable, versatile and allows you to do everything from read your favorite magazines to watch the latest blockbuster movies.

And the good news is that there are LOADS of cool accessories you can get to go with it, from SD cards for tons more storage, to external speakers that pump up the volume!

In this gift guide you'll find my top 21 gifts for Kindle Fire owners, with ideas to suit every budget!

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Budget Gifts for Kindle Fire Owners

1. A Stylus

A stylus might be a low-budget gift but it's an incredibly useful one!

It makes it so much easier to draw or doodle on creative apps, it improves your typing accuracy and it allows you to use the Fire's touchscreen in cold weather without taking off your gloves!

This set of 3 stylus pens is great value for money and comes with lots of replacement rubber tips.

2. An Adjustable Tablet Stand Holder

I love this stand - it folds down flat so you can easily pop it into your bag to use anywhere!

It's fully adjustable - so you can angle the stand to however suits you best - and it's ideal for everything from bedtime reading to following recipes in your kitchen!

This is a versatile gift, too, and can be used in portrait or landscape mode.

3. A Screen Cleaning Kit

There's nothing worse than a Fire screen covered in fingerprints - but if you use the wrong products to clean it, you can do more harm than good.

A cleaning kit like this one is ideal! It comes with a safe and easy-to-use cleaner spray and 2 cloths, all of which will leave your screen sparkling!

4. Compressed Gas for Cleaning Ports, Headphone Jack, ETC

This is a super little gift that can fix a lot of problems!

It's common for debris to get into charging ports, earphone jacks and other small spaces on electronics, where it can cause anything from charging issues to distorted audio. 

Manually retrieving the debris using sharp objects is not only difficult but you also risk damaging your device.

This little can of compressed gas is the answer - it quickly and safely blasts dust and debris right out of the nooks and crannies on your Fire tablet

5. A Screen Protector

A screen protector is an essential accessory if the Fire's screen is regularly exposed. 

Not only does it protect it from scratches but it also makes the screen a lot easier to clean.

Of course, it's important to make sure that the one you choose is compatible, as Fire tablets come in different shapes and sizes. You'll need to know which model and generation you are buying for before making your choice.

Mid-Range Gifts for Kindle Fire Owners

6. A Micro SD Card

Some older versions of the Fire tablet don't have a great deal of storage - and if you like to download a lot of movies, large games and apps, you can run out of space very quickly!

An SD card provides a quick and easy way to expand the Fire's memory and can be used for both portable and internal storage (something I explain in greater detail here).

There are lots of different SD cards to choose from, but one that works well with Fire tablets is the Made for Amazon SanDisk 128GB.

7. Charging Station for Multiple Devices

So much easier than having devices charging at different points throughout the house, this station allows you to charge up to six in one place. 

It is compatible with both micro USB and type-C devices, so it will work with any generation of the Fire tablet. For total versatility, it works with Apple devices too!

8. Smart Plug Compatible With Alexa

This is such a fun accessory to have and the perfect gift for gadget-lovers everywhere!

It allows you to control any electrical device you plug into it with just your voice, via the Alexa app. 

Want to turn a lamp on at a certain time? Plug the Smart Plug into your outlet and the the lamp into the Smart Plug. Set up a routine in the Alexa app then use Alexa to turn on your lamp - even if you're not home!

9. A Case or Cover

A nice Fire case or cover makes a lovely gift and you can never have too many!

The terms are often used interchangeably, but are actually slightly different. A cover usually only fits over one side of the tablet, whereas a case fully encloses it.

Both are great, but if you buy a cover you'll usually need a screen protector too.

Make sure you know which model and generation you are buying for, as not all covers and cases will fit all Fire tablets.

10. Bathtub Tray with a Tablet Stand

Treat someone to the gift of enjoying books, movies and more, all from the comfort of their own bathtub!

This tray is adjustable and easily fits most tubs. It comes with a smartphone tray, a wine glass holder and a convenient stand to allow you to safely use your Fire tablet as you relax.

11. Portable Charger

A portable charger makes it possible to charge your Fire tablet - or other mobile devices - on the go. 

This particular model is one of my favorites - it's super slim so it's easy to carry with you anywhere. And it has both micro USB and USB-C ports, so it is compatible with all generations of the Fire tablet.

If you're choosing a gift for a younger Fire owner, then check out the Made for Amazon Kids Portable Charger! Available in blue or pink, it's durable, easy to grip, and ensures your kids will stay entertained on even the longest road trip!

12. Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

The Fire tablet may be a touchscreen device, but there are times when you really want a keyboard!

This is especially true if you are using your Fire for work purposes - or if you regularly type very long emails.

Whilst most keyboards are simply too big to take out and about with you, a folding keyboard takes up much less space  and is the ideal solution.

This one connects via Bluetooth, so there are no wires to worry about either.

And if you want a keyboard for someone who has the 2021 Fire HD 10, check out the Made for Amazon Bluetooth Keyboard with Detachable Case, which is specially designed for use with it.

Or check out the cool and colorful COO Keyboard Case.

13. Bluetooth Mouse

The perfect accompaniment to a Bluetooth keyboard, a Bluetooth mouse is useful if you use your Fire for work and don't want to use the touchscreen for navigation.

This one has super cool LED lights, is rechargeable, and features a 'silent' button to reduce noise.

14. Electronics Organizer

If you travel with your Fire tablet, you often need to carry more than the tablet itself.

There will be at least the wall charger and the charging wire to think about - plus, perhaps, additional accessories like a portable charger, keyboard, earphones, stylus... the list goes on!

A handy organizer like this one allows you to keep any version of the Fire tablet - along with all your accessories - safely in one place.

15. Pillow Stand

Ideal for reclining on the couch or reading in bed, this soft, lightweight pillow stand has 3 viewing angles for comfort.

There are lots of great pillow stands on the market but I love this one as it comes in 27 different designs and colors. This makes it easy to find one to match your style!

16. Bluetooth Speaker

Recent generations of the Fire tablet have much better sound quality and volume than they used to.

But to really make the most of the music you listen to through your device - or to enjoy plenty of volume during a good movie - an external speaker is essential!

This Bluetooth speaker from Oontz delivers great sound, is available in lots of different colors and lasts for up to 14 hours on a single charge!

You can see my review of the Oontz Bluetooth Speaker here

17. Bluetooth Earphones

Want great volume but prefer to keep it to yourself?

Bluetooth earphones are the answer. I also find that they are wonderful for really immersing yourself in a good movie or audiobook.

You can, of course, also use wired earphones (Amazon) but I love the convenience of Bluetooth where possible.

You may also like to check out my review of the Soundcore X10 Bluetooth Headphones and discover why I love using them with my Fire tablet.

Luxury Gifts for Kindle Fire Owners

18. An Audible Gift Membership

I never imagined that I could enjoy listening to a book as much as reading one - but when I finally decided to put Audible to the test I realized just how wrong I was!

(You can read my review of Audible here)

The skilled narrators really bring the books to life and make it easy to enjoy them at times that used to be boring (stuck in traffic on the way home from work, for example!).

Gift memberships come at 4 different levels - you can opt to give 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a whole year! 

19. An Upgrade to the Latest Fire Tablet

2022 saw the release of the All-New Fire 7 and 4 new Fire HD 8 tablets.

In 2023, a brand new device was launched - the Fire Max 11.

With its larger screen, faster processor, improved storage, and optional accessories, it is designed for entertainment AND productivity. This makes it a viable alternative to a laptop for work purposes.

Later in 2023 Amazon quietly released an updated version of the Fire HD 10, now with support for handwriting recognition technology.

These new generations of the Fire tablet are faster and smoother than before, with brighter graphics and better volume.

If you have a friend or family members who really loves their Fire tablet, you can't go wrong with an upgrade to one of these new devices.

20. An Amazon.com eGift Card

If you can't quite make up your mind which gift would suit your Fire-loving friend or family member best, the easiest option is to choose an eGift Card so they can choose an accessory for themselves.

eGift Cards are delivered by email - immediately if you choose - never expire and involve no fees.

You can give anywhere from $1 to $2,000 (if you're feeling very generous!) and you can add a personal touch with your own photo or video.

Looking for a gift for kids age 3 to 12?

Then check out my article about Osmo - a unique toy that brings the digital and physical worlds together!

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I ♥ My Fire!

- Christine

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