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Kindle Fire Articles & News:

How to Clear the Print Queue on Your Amazon Fire

A quick and easy way to clear the print queue on your Amazon Fire

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Deals on Fire Devices and More for Prime Members

I just wanted to let you know about some great deals that are going on RIGHT NOW for Prime Members.

If you're not already an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can join today! There are LOTS of great benefits to subscribing - find out more in my article all about Amazon Prime.


There are some great reductions on Fire Tablets right now - but be quick because THESE OFFERS END ON SEP 22, 2019 at 05:00 PM PDT

-Fire 7": $20 OFF = ONLY $29.99
-Fire HD 8": $30 OFF = ONLY $49.99
-Fire Kid's 7" Edition: $40 OFF = ONLY $59.99
-Fire Kid's 8" Edition: $40 OFF = ONLY $89.99

There are great deals on other devices too - THESE OFFERS END A DAY LATER, ON SEP 23, 2019 at 05:00 PM PDT

-Fire TV Stick: $15 OFF = ONLY $24.99
-Fire TV Stick 4K: $15 OFF = ONLY $34.99
-Fire TV Recast: $60 OFF = ONLY $169.99

There are certainly lots of deals to be had... so if you've been thinking about taking the plunge and signing up to Prime, this would be the perfect time to subscribe and grab some great bargains!

List of The Best Antivirus For Kindle Fire

Are you looking for an antivirus app for your Kindle Fire? Check the list of the best antivirus apps for Kindle Fire.

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Love My Fire Under New Management

Hello Fire Friends,

I have big news today! My friend, Christine, will be taking over for me.

Unfortunately, I've been unable to give this site the love and attention it, and all of you, deserve. My focus and direction in life has taken another path, but now Love My Fire will be getting some NEW love!

I'm sad to be stepping away from all that I have created to help other Kindle Fire fans, but I'm thrilled that things will once again move forward as Christine comes aboard!

And now here's more about Christine:

Christine is a mum of 5 who discovered the Kindle Fire during her 10 year stay in the Bahamas. Living on a small island made it very difficult to access current books and magazines, so the Kindle opened a whole new world for her and her family. Within no time at all, everyone in the household owned their owned Fire and began enjoying all the latest titles, plus Amazon movies and more. And as a testament to the staying power of these amazing devices, many family members are still using those same devices at their new home in the UK, over 5 years later!

Christine has almost 15 years experience in building websites about topics she's interested in, and she can't wait to get started in learning even more about the Kindle Fire and sharing her discoveries with you here. Plus, of course, all that research will give her the perfect excuse to try out each new Fire as it's released!


Isn't this exciting! She has some new articles to share with all of you in the near future, so please give her a big welcome.

Also, I want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you, my site visitors and Fire fans, who have visited LMF and been a part of this community and experience. This website wouldn't be here without all of you!

I will miss being a part of Love My Fire's future but I know you are all in good hands.

For the last time,
I ♥ My Fire!
July, 2019

New 7" Fire Tablet & Prime Day Deals

Hello Fire Fans and Friends!

Amazon recently released a new 7" Kindle Fire tablet! It comes in four colors: black, plum, sage, and twilight blue. It's also available in the Kids Edition if you have a little one you'd like to give a tablet to, which comes with a pink, blue, or purple "Kid-Proof" Cover.

For those who subscribe to Amazon Prime, today (and tomorrow, July 15th and 16th) is Amazon Prime Day. Which means their new tablets, plus hundreds of other items, are on sale!

If you're not an Amazon Prime subscriber you can join today! There are LOTS of benefits, most of which are explained in my article all about Amazon Prime.


Looking for something else in a tablet? See all the other tablets in the Amazon Fire Family.

If you love shopping for a good deal (and who doesn't?) Amazon Prime Day is the perfect time to buy that perfect item you've been waiting for. Be sure to check out all the great deals going on right now!

I ♥ My Fire!


New 8" Fire Tablet ON SALE NOW!

Once again Amazon has released a NEW 8" Kindle Fire tablet!

And it's on sale for ONLY $59.99! It's regularly priced at $79.99, so this makes it $20 OFF! The regular price is a great price but this sale is a steal of a deal! :D And Amazon's other Kindle Fire tablets are also on sale (details below).

This 8" tablet comes with 16GB of space but you can choose the 32GB upgraded version, which is double the storage, for an extra $30. If you're not sure which to get, but can spare the extra change I'd highly recommend getting the one with more space.

Like last year's 10" model, this new tablet comes with Alexa built in, which is a pretty cool feature. It also comes in four colors: black, yellow, blue, and red.

If you're not sure which tablet size to get, the 8" or 10", think about which is more important to you: a larger display screen (the 10" really is brilliant) or a lighter tablet. The 10" weighs more at 17.7oz while the 8" is more manageable at 12.8oz. If weight is an issue for you, you'll probably want to go with the 8", if not then go for the larger screen if price isn't an issue either.

I really enjoy my 8" while my husband prefers the 10" Kindle Fire, so both have a great use, depending on your needs.

For more details on each tablet see Amazon's product pages here:

If you need even more info, see all of my Kindle Fire articles on this site, such as my Kindle Fire comparison chart which I just updated with the latest info!

It is almost gift-giving season, so if you've got a loved one who would love one, now is the perfect time to buy one! :D

I ♥ My Fire!



Here are a few answers to some of the recent emails and comments I've received. Hopefully they'll help you out too!

1. Install Button for Google Play Store is Grayed Out

Some site visitors have had additional problems with the "Install" button being grayed out (unable to select it) when trying to install the Google Play Store.

If you have the correct tablet version and have tried turning it off and back on again and it still doesn't work, try this tip sent in by site visitor, Dave from Ireland:

"If [Google Play] doesn't INSTALL for you and is grayed out, leave it for a few minutes and come back to check on it and it will let you do it then!"

Hopefully this tip will help you finish installing the Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire. Please let us know if it works for you by posting in the comments at the bottom of the Google tutorial page.

2. Some Apps From Google Play Don't Work

Unfortunately, not all Google Play apps will work on your Kindle Fire. Some apps require specific features or coding from a tablet and since the play store has been side loaded to your tablet and IS NOT a version specifically made to work on the Kindle Fire, some apps will not install.

Also, some apps may install but then won't work properly. Some of the common errors people have reported are "download pending", "parsing error", "update required", etc.

Part of this problem is that each mobile device is different with different features and different versions of software. Many apps need to be specifically configured to work with certain devices in a special way.

Basically, if an app from the play store doesn't install or doesn't work properly then there's nothing we can do about it. We're out of luck.

3. How do I Replace a Kindle Fire Battery or Charging Port?

Unfortunately, there's not an easy way to replace a battery in a Kindle Fire. These tablets are not like a remote control or child's electronic toy that you can remove a screw, take out the battery, and put in a new one. Amazon doesn't provide access to the battery compartment.

First, I would recommend contacting Amazon Support directly to see what they can do. It's possible they have some fixes or solutions that might work.

Second, perhaps a mobile device repair place might be able to fix your battery or charging port.

**WARNING!** Be aware that if you or someone else opens up your tablet to access the electronic insides it will void any warranty still on the device. Of course, if you have no warranty and don't want to buy a new tablet, maybe going this route will work for you.

See my Tips & Tricks page for more.

Well, that's all I've got for today! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy Amazon's DEALS while you can.

I ♥ My Fire!


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NEW Kindle Fire HD 10"!

Amazon has just released a new Kindle Fire HD 10"!

I'm really impressed with this newest model's specifications! Compared to Amazon's Fire tablets over the past few years, this new HD 10" has the best technical stats I've seen in awhile. It has a super high resolution, a super fast CPU, and twice the RAM as the last HD 10", which was back in 2015.

I've updated my tablet comparison chart with all the details if you want to see the specific nitty-gritty stuff.

What's even better is that this new Kindle Fire is $80 cheaper than the 2015 model of the same size, AND considering this year's HD 10" version has twice the processing power, speed, and an even higher resolution than the last one, this lower price is super outstanding at only $149.99!

I've also update my page about the 2017 Kindle Fires with the new details, so feel free to check it out, or go directly to Amazon's product page for this new Kindle Fire HD 10"!.

If you're ready for a new Kindle Fire, this is the one I would recommend, what with it's superb technical specifications and super low price!

I ♥ My Fire!


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