Fire Max 11 and Amazon Stylus

by Greg C
(Oklahoma USA)

I had purchased the Fire 10+ almost exactly a year to the day ago before the Max 11 came out.

The 10+ has served me well - I had used Fire tablets some in the past and the 10+ was a very satisfying experience improvement. I also got the keyboard case and it really became a handy laptop substitute for me.

When the Fire Max 11 came out, I was really on the fence as to whether I wanted to get one. Price was certainly a factor, but when it went on sale during Prime Days, I gave in and pulled the trigger. I also got the stylus. Amazon has done an amazing job with handwriting recognition. I have tried to fool it with faking some very poor handwriting, but for the most part, it gets it right.

In your review, you said that the stylus uses AAA batteries. Actually it uses AAAA or quad-A batteries. These can be hard to find.

In the US, you can get them at Batteries+ stores, but they are expensive there. I have another stylus for a laptop and found these batteries on Amazon at a much more reasonable price, usually in 4 or 8 packs.

I also found a battery charger that came with two quad-A's and the charger plugged into a USB port on my computer. This was worth the effort in poking around on Amazon to find this deal.

Looks like I am going to go ahead and get the keyboard case.

Thanks for a good review of the Max 11.

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by: Christine

Thank you so much for your comments ­čÖé

I have updated my review with the correct info regarding the battery - thank you for pointing out the error.

AAAA batteries
by: Anonymous

Walmart carries AAAA batteries ~ $7.25 for 4 pack in NV. You could also check eBay, Amazon and Northern Tools where there are available with reasonable pricing.

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