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If you don't already know, I'm Rachel and I (obviously) love my Kindle Fire. And this is my story.

Opening Gifts Christmas Morning

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A Squeal of Delight

Like millions of other Americans I received my Kindle Fire as a Christmas gift. This gift was completely unexpected. I had no idea what was in the prettily packaged gift I was opening but when I saw what it was I squealed. Yes, I literally squealed in delight!

The funny part of my Kindle Fire story is the history of how this gift came to be.

It started about a month before Christmas when my mom told me she wanted to give my dad a gift card for his ebook reader, but she didn't know how to go about doing it. Being the helpful daughter that I am, I said I would be her secret detective and scope it out.

Secret Detective Work

Being super sneaky, I told my dad that I wanted an ebook reader, but I wasn't sure if I wanted a Nook or a Kindle. My sister had already shown me her non-Fire Kindle and my dad his eReader, but I asked him to tell me more, which he did. He showed me how his device worked and all it could do.

Next I asked specific details on how to buy ebooks on his reader. Happily he showed me all the free ebooks he'd downloaded and went on to tell me about different stories he thought I would like to read.

Ironically, he never did show me the step-by-step process of how to buy ebooks for his reader. After a few more attempts I gave up and decided I could figure it out online. It was fun having my dad share his ereader with me but I didn't think much about it after that.

Just One Error

The one error that I made in my gift-giving detective work was when I told my dad I wasn't going to buy one for awhile, but was going to save up for one instead.

As you can guess, my dad decided to surprise me and buy one for me for Christmas.

While shopping in the electronic department of a local store, my dad tried out the different tablets and ebook readers, including Amazon's Kindle Fire.

My dad knows me really well and with me being a techie-geek girl (which I'm proud of!) he thought I would be happiest with a multi-functioning, all-encompassing, portable entertainment device. And he was right!

The best thing about all of this was that my dad told my mom about the new Nook Tablet he personally wanted. Later, she snuck out to the store and bought it for him (along with a few extra accessories).

Not only was I surprised with my Kindle Fire on Christmas morning but my dad was completely surprised with his new tablet. In all their years of marriage this gift was the most exciting "toy" my dad had received from my mom for Christmas. She was thrilled to finally achieve such a miraculous feat.

Successful Sleuthing Leads to Kindle Fire

Christmas Gift Opened

So although my initial attempts at being a gift-giving sleuth appeared to be thwarted, they in fact worked to everyone's advantage and happy solution.

I got to be my mom's helpful detective in a round-about fashion, my mom got to thoroughly surprise my dad for the first time ever on Christmas, my dad received a gift he wanted as well as surprise me with a very unexpected gift, and I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas!

After receiving my Kindle Fire I frequently found myself saying, "I love my Kindle Fire!" And I still do. Yes, it was love at first sight (and squeal).

What's your Kindle Fire story? How did you get your Kindle from Amazon? Did you buy it, did you receive your tablet as a gift, or did you win it in a giveaway? Share your story below and then read the stories of other Kindle Fire owners.

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