BigJack's Kindle Fire Story

by Jack

I've always been a reader. I began checking Sci-Fi novels out of the library as a kid and reading as I walked home with them. I'm surprised I never got hit by a car while crossing the street (the equivalent of today's teens texting while walking).

Over the many years since then, I have probably devoured thousands of books. I'd take a pile of books with me on business trips and leave them for others as I finished them... on chairs at airport lounges, in hotel rooms, and so on.

The only "problem" with books is their bulk and weight when you have to transport them. Since I was in the Army for over 23 years, I moved many times and had to leave behind many of my bulky "precious companions".

Now to the present day, more or less. Although I'm an avid Internet user and have owned many computers over the past 30 or so years (starting with a Commodore Vic20), when it came to mobile Internet use I've always been a holdout. I felt that phones were for talking on (am I showing my age?) and not for looking up weather reports, etc. And texting? Well, that passed me by completely, I don't know anyone my age who texts. My grandkids do it, but when they communicate with me, it's by voice.

As a techie who is selective about adopting new technology, I jumped on the Kindle ebook reader bandwagon because of the sheer convenience of having hundreds of books available in my hand instantly, not to mention automatic delivery of my magazine subscriptions.

So, where does that leave me? I truly enjoy using the Internet for many, many reasons. I like reading ebooks. And, I felt it was time to "get on board" with mobile Internet access, but not on a phone with a tiny screen.

The Kindle Fire was perfect, it did everything I wanted and needed. I had planned to buy one, but hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Then we had a 70th birthday party for my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I. We all turned 70 years old within a one month period of each other.

One of my sons arrived for the weekend with a gift for me, despite the stern "NO PRESENT" rule we had made. When I opened the package (in private, of course) I became the proud owner of a new Kindle Fire. Exactly when I wanted! It gave me all the capabilities I desired: ebooks, Internet access, portability, and a decent sized screen. I'm a happy man!

PS: One of my Internet passions is a virtual world called Second Life. I'm a DJ there and love the social aspect. I've talked to the developer of an Android app to access Second Life and she tells me it'll be available for the Fire soon. Then I'll be able to keep in touch with my virtual friends by using the Kindle Fire when I travel!

PPS: I bought my Kindle Fire cover before reading Rachel's story about selecting a cover. Mine came from Ebay and included a stylus, all for under $15 total. It is very similar to Rachel's selection except that it uses an elastic strap instead of a magnetic closure. And, as she said, be sure to look for the 360 degree capability in the description, it's important.


Photo: Rasfox 360 Rotating Leather Flip Hard Kindle Fire Cover

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Happy 70th Birthday!
by: Rachel

Thanks, Jack, for sharing with us your Kindle Fire story! Wow, what a fun gift to receive for your 70th birthday, and perfect for an avid reader like you.

I agree, one of the huge advantages of an ereader is being able to pack 1000's of ebooks with you without having to carry the weight and bulk of printed books.

Also, I changed the picture since the one you submitted is copyrighted by the ebay company that posted it. I was able to find the same Kindle Fire cover on Amazon so others could see a picture of the one you purchased.

Thanks again for your story!

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