A Test in Patience

by Jesse
(Etna, CA USA)

I had been toying with the idea of getting a tablet of some sort for at least the last year. We both own smart phones and had recently upgraded to the new Samsung S3.

I've been using the Kindle app on my phone for the past few years and thoroughly love it. I would occasionally go online and research both the Nook and the Kindle and compare the two. However, I always ended up telling myself that I really didn't need it. My phone pretty much does everything a tablet can do plus I have the ability to talk when necessary.

Then one night my husband surprised me by calling me in to our shared computer room and showing me that he had found that Amazon was going to be releasing the new Kindle Fire HD. At first I kind of disregarded it because I had decided that I couldn't justify the expense and had pretty much talked myself out of the whole prospect of owning a tablet. A month or so went by. Then one night, I was relaxing, playing on my phone, when I happened upon the website for the new Kindle. After reading through the entire page of all the specifications and features I made up my mind. I wanted it! And Christmas was only a few months away.

After that I told my husband about it and showed him the site and expressed the fact that I wanted one but I only wanted the 7 inch with the 16 Gb memory because I liked the price of that one better. My husband questioned me on it because he felt the 7 inch display might not be big enough.

So now he knew what I wanted for Christmas, which was a first for me since childhood. There's rarely anything I truly pine for, lol.
Christmas time came upon us, as well as my birthday, and since I manage the finances, he told me I would see a transaction into and out of the account but not to worry about it.

When I saw the amount I knew what he had done but the numbers didn't match. Then, it became a matter of whether this would be my birthday present or Christmas present. It turned out I was going to have to practice patience. I think he got some pleasure out of torturing me.

Long story short, Christmas morning I opened my gift to find not the 7" Kindle Fire HD but the 8.9" 32 Gb Kindle and a nice black case/stand for it. I couldn't believe that he had done it but was and am still absolutely thrilled that he did.

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Patience Rewarded!
by: Rachel Bruner

Jesse, what a fun Kindle Fire story! I love how you toyed with the idea of getting the Kindle Fire off and on until you eventually started to "pine" over it. LOL

At first when I read your title, "A Test in Patience" I wasn't sure if you were going to share some frustrating experience with your tablet, so I was very pleased to read that your patience was that once you'd made the decision that you really did want a Kindle Fire you had to wait to receive it for Christmas.

What a wonderful husband to buy it for you, and not just the least expensive one, but the bigger one with the extra memory... and a cover too!

Loving husbands are the best!

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