FINALLY connected again!

by Samantha

I'm a computer nerd. Plain and simple. I've had my own computer since I was 8 (I'm 22 now) and I'm a big PC gamer, I do website design, I love Photoshop and I love browsing the internet when I have nothing better to do (and often when I have PLENTY of better things to be doing).

In 2008, I was 18 and my personal computer crashed. I was devastated, I had so many online friends, so many things I'd been working on, and SO MUCH media I'd lost (being pretty poor, it doesn't leave you with a ton of options for back up, and I never trusted online storage sites).

Shortly after this happened I moved in with a boyfriend who had just gotten a MacBook for graduation. Having used a Windows-operated system my whole life, this was new, but I quickly got used to (and fell in love) with the Mac OS. I loved how fast it was, how seamless everything was, and how beautiful the interface was. It was great, with the exception that I didn't know how to do a LOT with it, since Mac isn't nearly as easy to customize.

In September 2012 my boyfriend and I broke up, so his computer went with him, and still being relatively poor, I never bought another computer.

For the last few months I've had little to no access to anything or anyone. It's been livable, obviously, but definitely saddening.

Then my mom got me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas. She gave it to me a few weeks early when it arrived from Amazon and I've been in love with it since I first opened it. I'm not only computer-obsessed, but I'm also book-obsessed and this tiny little magical device is everything I need all wrapped up in one. Connections to people I need to talk to, email, books, games, and even Netflix! Granted, I can't do web design or anything fancy like that, but that's not a big deal. The graphics are AMAZING, the games available are incredible, the sound is wonderful, and the interface is so easy to use.

This Christmas I got a connection to the life I love again, my OWN personal connection to my life, one no one can take from me if they leave :P

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A Kindle Fire Journey
by: Rachel

Wow Samantha, what a journey you've been on! It's hard to be "unplugged" when you're used to having a constant connection. I'm sure your experiences has made having a Kindle Fire all the more sweet!

I was thinking how there might be a way you could do some webdesign if you know HTML (or maybe now would be a great time to learn/brush up on your knowledge). With a file editor you could create HTML files and then if you use an online host that lets you login from the web you could upload your files. Or, even better, if you can create web pages directly in an online editor/creator.

I use a fabulous company for my website, which not only hosts my site but teaches how to create and run a profitable website which is how I ended up creating this site! If interested, just contact me through this site.

Have fun with your new Kindle Fire!

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