Judy's Kindle Fire

by Judy
(Fresno, Ca)

Kindle Fire Apps and Games

Kindle Fire Apps and Games

I am a 65 year old woman with minimal tech ability. I surf the net comfortably and if my husband insists, I can find our bank balance. I have a tracfone that I forget to charge. My sister and her 22 year old daughter were visiting and right before a long road trip I saw a glowing review for the Kindle Fire HD. I'm on one-click with Amazon, and that familiarity gave me some confidence (along with my niece's young brain).

Well, we ran out of time, my niece flew home, road trip over and done and here I am with my Kindle.

I sat down to tackle it, friends and family a phone call away if I needed help, and I did it! I joined the 21st century! Here's the really neat part: my next life adventure was having knee replacement surgery -- 3 days in the hospital, weeks of rehab. That's where I am right now, two weeks into rehab. THE KINDLE FIRE IS A TREASURE, a perfect companion, I'm in heaven. I listened to radio stations from Connecticut (where I used to live) as Hurricane Sandy hit; I watched movies; I emailed and facebooked my friends; checked the weather, ordered rubber tips for my walking poles... how did I live without it? And yesterday I found your website -- perfect!!


Hi Judy, thanks for sharing your story!

Wow, having knee replacement surgery, along with such a long recovery, doesn't sound like fun, but getting your Kindle Fire when you did seems to have been the perfect timing for you and your situation! I could have used a Kindle Fire when I had appendicitis, but that was almost 20 years ago and the Internet was an infant back then and of course tablets (and a lot of other cool electronics and other gadgets) didn't even exist yet.

It must have been a relief to have access to so many resources while you were in the hospital and now during your recovery at home.

There are so many things you can do with your Kindle Fire too! Even though I do a lot of testing and trying out of new features and whatnot, I haven't deeply explored some of the areas and features that come with this amazing device. The more I learn the more I discover how much fun this little device is.

As you continue to use and enjoy your Kindle Fire you'll continue to discover other new treasures. If you haven't yet seen my article on Everything the Kindle Fire can do, you can check it out now.

Thanks again for sharing your story, it's so great to see those who are unsure with today's technology jump on board!

P.S. I added some pictures to illustrate some of the fun things you can do on your Kindle Fire.

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Five Flame Story!
by: Rachel

Just had to give you some flames (five of them!) for your fabulous story!

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