Rewarded with a Kindle Fire!

by Michael

Hi my name is Mike and here is my story. I am a techie like you and have been a systems administrator at a large Nursing Home for 8 years until health problems caused me to miss several days and they let me go.

I had an old Le Pan Android tablet that I was using at the time and had several problems with it that I had eventually fixed. Well my Fiance needed a minor surgery procedure done to her ear and she had to come up with the insurance deductible before they would preform the procedure. So I pawned my tablet so I could give her the money she needed to meet the deductible.

I didn't worry about it because I have a Android phone and a laptop to meet my mobile needs. I missed having the tablet for reading and such but made do with my phone which does have a 4.5 inch screen.

Anyway I went for several months without a tablet. I had looked at several and being an Amazon Prime member I considered the Kindle Fire but living on Unemployment it was out of the question.

A friend of the family had back surgery and her husband came down with the flu and couldn't sit with her and help with a few things. I told her I could since I was out of work I had the time so I could sit with her for 3 days. I just helped with minor things such as going and getting stuff and helping fix meals. When her husband was well, her two daughters wanted to do something to pay me back so they gave me a $50 gift certificate to BestBuy.

I preformed a search on the internet for deals on tablets at BestBuy just to see what was there and found the 1st generation Kindle Fire refurbished and certified for $99 so with the gift card I was able to get my Kindle Fire 1st generation for only $49, this I could afford.

I am anxiously awaiting my Kindle Fire to get here and going through your site to learn about it before I use it.

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Unexpected Rewards!
by: Rachel Bruner

What a great story, Michael, especially your kind offer to help a friend in need!

Although I'm sure you didn't expect a reward for your service, what a thoughtful gift to be given for your help.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, I'm so glad you were able to get your Kindle Fire!

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