I <3 My Kindle Fire

by Itashka
(Sanford, NC)

My Kindle Fire Cover

My Kindle Fire Cover

I have to admit I am a techie and love gadgets. But my mother-in-law was the first person I knew that bought a Kindle. She used it all the time for reading. I eventually got the 2nd generation, which is still in use since I passed it on to my Mom.

I originally wanted a more expensive tablet, that will remain nameless, but I just couldn't afford it. The least expensive was around $500! YIKES, I could buy a laptop for that amount of money.

So I was super excited when I heard Amazon was coming out with the Kindle Fire. I watched the clips about it and read all the online techie reviews. When I told my husband I wanted one he realized that the Fire was a much cheaper alternative to the other tablet I'd wanted.

Since I couldn't pre-order the Kindle Fire I ended up going to Office Max and buying it a few days after it was released, so I didn't get the cool package that it comes in when shipped from Amazon.

I use my Kindle Fire all the time, for a lot of different things. I love apps. I usually check the Free App of the Day that Amazon offers and depending on what it is I will download it.

I love being able to stream music from Pandora or the iHeart Radio app. I check Facebook, and most recently I downloaded Pintrest. I love the Pintrest app. I read its reviews, and they were quite mixed, but I have had no problem, I just had to figure it out.

I also use our church's app for scriptures, which works great.

I love the size of the Kindle Fire; it fits great in my bag. Most of the time I have it with me.

Not even a month after I got mine we ordered my husband his own Kindle Fire. My husband isn't a techie or gadget guy, but he loves his tablet too. He searches the web, watches YouTube videos, and checks the weather. I have to say it is funny in the evenings when we are laying in bed, both of us using our Kindle Fires.

I have three other family members that also have Kindle Fires and I haven't heard anything negative from them about their tablets.

Thanks Rachel, for doing a great job with this site. I have learned a lot and even added some very useful apps you suggested.

The cover I got for mine came from Amazon, it is the Kindle Fire Genuine Leather Cover by Marware, Pink. My husband has the green version.

We both like our covers. I like that it isn't bulky and had no problem setting it up. My favorite part is the strap on the inside that I can slip my hand into to hold my tablet. I even dropped my Kindle Fire once and the cover does what it is suppose to do.


Photos: Amazon Kindle Fire Genuine Leather Cover by Marware, Pink
Amazon Kindle Fire Genuine Leather Cover by Marware, Green

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I Heart My Kindle Fire Too!
by: Rachel

Thanks Itashka, for sharing your fun Kindle Fire story! I liked reading all that you do with yours and how your husband got one less than a month after you got yours. It seems that when one spouse has one and the other doesn't already have a tablet, they want a Kindle Fire too! That's what happened with my husband and I, my aunt and uncle, some of my in-laws, etc. :)

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