I'm in love!

by Kathy

My sister-in-law, who almost never even acknowledges my birthday, found out at Thanksgiving time that I wanted a Kindle Fire. She whispered to my husband, asking if he'd like to go in on one for my birthday coming up. They bought it and then she and her husband delivered it ON my actual birthday. What a nice surprise!

I already had the keyboard-style Kindle so I use the Fire for more of the internet-type stuff. I do love that I don't need adequate lighting for the Fire and that I can turn it sideways or even upside down to be able to use, unlike my original Kindle.

When my parents were here for Christmas, a few of us sat at the kitchen table looking for different things online. It was nice to be able to do it there instead of us trying to crowd into my computer room and sit around my desktop. It's the greatest!


Thanks, Kathy, for sharing this story with us! What a fun surprise it must have been to receive a Kindle Fire for your birthday, and from both your husband and in-laws.

It's truly amazing all the fun things you can do with your Kindle Fire and so much easier to pack around with you anywhere you go.

Thanks again for sharing your experience. Continue enjoying your Kindle Fire- I'm sure you will!


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It's good to be in love!
by: Rachel Bruner

Gotta give you five flames (aka "stars") for your fun love story! ;)

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