My Kindle Fire Love Story

by Shan Walker

I love reading and technology! I heard about the Kindle Fire being sold by Amazon and knew I had to have one. I am a loyal Amazon customer and had ordered so many books from them that I have reached VIP status! ;)

A Kindle Fire was not in the budget when it first came out and I knew I would have to wait. I was thrilled to the core though when my hubby and kids surprized me with one for my birthday last year. I don't know how they did it but I'm happy they did!

We were having a conversation the other day about how well-priced the Kindle Fire is and how much WORTH I have gotten for it. I literally use it every day for personal reading, web surfing, homeschool read alouds, and my online freelance writing work!

This website keeps me updated on it and I appreciate all your hard work and info!

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Such Value!
by: Rachel

Thanks, Shan, for sharing such a fun story! I love reading and technology too, but wow, VIP status? That's awesome!

What a wonderful gift your family got for you, I'm sure they love seeing the joy you have with using your Kindle Fire and when you share things with them because of it.

I'm glad my website helps keep you updated. Thanks again for sharing your story!


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