The Power of Kindle Fire Imagery

by Rachel

My husband playing on my Kindle Fire

My husband playing on my Kindle Fire

To start off the story submissions I (Rachel) am going to post my husband's fabulous Kindle Fire story (I hope he doesn't mind)! I love telling this story, which I personally think is great.

He Wants a Kindle Fire

Ever since I got my Kindle Fire, my husband (who I will be calling C in this story) has been interested in my tablet, but because I was usually playing on it when he wanted to, he would use his smart phone instead.

Over the next few months several of our family members also got tablets. His sister and my mom both got a Kindle Fire, my dad and brother got Nook tablets, etc. So it wasn't a big surprise when C started mentioning how he'd like to get a Kindle Fire of his own.

Since we were in the middle of buying a house (which was eating up all our cash and savings) I told him maybe he'd get one for Christmas (which was six months away).

For the next few days he kept bringing it up until one morning I playfully hopped up onto his lap (I'm a big tease and still love to flirt with him) and said, "If you want a Kindle Fire you'll have to manifest one."

He Visualizes Owning a Kindle Fire

I told him to close his eyes and that he needed to visualize everything I was going to say. He laughed and kindly played along.

Here's what I said:

"Imagine having an extra $200 to buy a Kindle Fire. Now imagine going to, adding a Kindle Fire to your shopping cart, and ordering it. Now imagine how excited you are as you await the arrival of your order.

"It's finally here and you excitedly open up the package. Peanuts are flying everywhere... no wait, Amazon doesn't use peanuts... plastic air is flying everywhere! You turn it on, register it, and now you get to play with your very own Kindle Fire!"

I asked C if he had visualized everything I'd said. When he said yes I tapped his cheeks (the ones on his face!) and told him that now the money would manifest itself and when it did he could get his Kindle Fire.

I hopped off his lap and went about the rest of my day as usual.

The Money Manifests

Several hours later we were cleaning out and organizing our apartment's storage unit in preparation for our upcoming move. When we were almost done C found a couple pieces of jewelry in the back of the unit. They looked like junk, but after examining them we found KG markings on them!

To shorten this already long story, the bits of jewelry ended up being solid karat gold which we were able to pawn for $89!!

I immediately knew that this money had manifested for C's Kindle Fire. I then remembered that I still had my gold rings from my previous marriage from over six years ago. I had no reason to hold on to them, and although they weren't worth much, I still got $115 for them.

He Owns a Kindle Fire

The next day C bought his Kindle Fire!

Wow, talk about fast manifestation! I've done quite a bit of visualizing, positive thinking, etc. but this was one of the fastest results for manifesting something that I've personally seen. (This method is also known as the Law of Attraction.)

C also picked out a black cover (which is the winner of my Best Kindle Fire cover) to go along with his new tablet.

He is very happy with his new toy and plays on it almost as much as I do on mine. :)

You've gotta love such a fun Kindle Fire story- at least I do!

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Sooo cute
by: Anonymous

Such a cute story with amazing results. I'm going to try to imagine like that, maybe a bigger bank account?

Oh yah
by: Anonymous

In the top picture, your hubby looks like Tom Hanks LoL.

How funny...
by: Rachel

A bigger bank account sounds like a good thing to visualize! Just imagine the money rolling in and the balance going up. :)
That's funny that you think my husband looks like Tom Hanks. When we first met he told me how he'd often been told that he looks like Tom Hanks. This is just going to stroke his ego, but I don't mind... he's so handsome! :P

by: Soozcat

Manifestations of mystery. And also fun!

Love this story!
by: Beth

That is too cute! Behold the power of positive thinking ;)

Kindle Fire Story
by: Ruth Hansen

Fun Story Rachel...thanks for sharing. Hmmm...I better go do some manifestation. ;)

Inspiring and humorous!
by: Anonymous

Rachel, you should write a book if you have not yet done so. I so enjoy reading all of your stories!!


Wow, thank you for your kind comment! I would love to write a book and probably will sometime in the future, especially as this site continues to grow.

Knowing that you, and others, find my writing to be inspiring and humorous just makes my day! It's funny, because when I started to write this story I didn't expect it to turn out quite like it did. I had such a blast writing it and seeing what quirky humor and snarky comments would come out as I wrote.

Thanks again- I love receiving such kind praise!


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