Surprise, surprise

by Michael W. Riley
(Wakefield, RI)

My story is somewhat mundane, but I'll tell it anyway. I'm semi-retired, and I work a few days a week as a bartender. Due to this, I accumulate a lot of quarters over the course of time, and two years ago, I decided to give myself a birthday present with my summer collection of quarters.

I read constantly, 200 to 300 books per year, and I knew that I wanted an ebook reader but had no idea which one. My only experience to that point was with a Nook, which suitably impressed me, but I had heard about the Kindle Fire, and its extended features intrigued me.

I went to the local Staples store to check one out, and there discovered the Kindle Fire HD, with which I immediately fell in love. The $199 price tag just fit my budget, and my Kindle has rarely left my side ever since. (Although my quarter stash from this summer seems to be begging for an HDX!)

PS: Kindle Unlimited is fabulous for avid readers. Plus, if you find a book you MUST own, you get to pay the author twice. Once when you borrow it (after reading at least 20% of the title), and again when you purchase it. Perfect.

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Did You Actually Use Your Quarters?
by: Rachel

This is a great story, Michael, I didn't think it was mundane at all. I love how you used your saved quarters to buy your Kindle Fire HD.

Did you literally buy it WITH your quarters or did you take your quarters to a bank/coin counter first?

Either way, I think it's still a great experience, thanks for sharing!

by: Michael W. Riley

I didn't actually go to a store with rolls of quarters, although that would have been fun. I deposited them in my checking account.


LOL, it's still a great story. Thanks for sharing it, Michael! :)

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