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List of Kindle Fire Games

I love playing games, especially Kindle Fire games! Being able to play games on my portable tablet is great, making it easy to take some of my favorite games with me.

On this page you will find a ton of resources including links to the Best Kindle Fire Games, information on Free vs Paid games, in-app purchases, and much more!

Current Favorite Kindle Fire Game

Right now I've been loving a game called Card Crawl! I've typed up a whole page all about this fun game. There's info on how to play, why it's fun, features, settings, and more!

Even if you usually don't play "gamer" types of games, this simple card game is a ton of fun! My mom and almost-five-year-old enjoy it too.

There are tons of photos and screenshots from my Fire and my own games sessions and experiences.

So check out my new favorite Kindle Fire game and see what you think!

Oh, and did I mention that it's a FREE game? Yep! It's one of Amazon's Underground games- play as long as you want without spending a cent.

Best Kindle Fire Games

Kindle Fire HD Games

With the ever increasing popularity of Amazon's tablet, more and more game apps are being created or adapted for the Kindle Fire, but not all games are of equal quality or value.

Since I love playing games on my Kindle I thought it would be fun to create a list of the Best Kindle Fire Games.

All of these picks are based on my own personal opinion of each game and are just for fun, so feel free to share your favorite games too.

Is there a game you love playing on your Kindle Fire and think is a winner? Or maybe you'd like me to add another category? Tell me about it!

Favorite Kindle Fire Games

I've added a whole list of some of my favorite games for the Kindle Fire!

This first list is mostly a mix of detective ("point and click") and hidden object games, but I'll be adding other types of lists later.

If you'd like to try some fun new games then check these out! With over 20 games listed (and more to be added in the future) you're sure to find something you haven't yet played (unless you're as obsessed with these games as I am). ;)

These games aren't free, although some come with a demo or trial version. My lists of free games are down below, so keep scrolling if you're only looking for freebies.

If you're ready to pay a little cash for some fabulous games that are worth paying for, then don't miss my favorite Kindle Fire games!

About Free Games and In-App Purchases

Before downloading free games on your Kindle Fire, be sure you read my article, About Free Kindle Games, to understand the difference between free vs cost and how in-app purchases work.

Cinderella Cafe from Amazon

A lot of free games in the app store (including super popular ones) may be limited or require an additional purchase for full access to the game. Just because it's free to download doesn't mean that all aspects needed to play the game are free.

Free Kindle Fire Games

Free Games! $0.00

Looking for some FREE Kindle Fire Games? This is just the start of my list of some super-fun free games that I enjoy playing on my tablet.

I've now added a second list of even MORE Free Games for the Kindle Fire.

Mini Exclamation Poin

I'll continue to add more games to this second list, so sign up for my Kindle Fire Alerts to be notified of new additions! (You don't want to miss out on any new games to become addicted to, do you?)

Amazon's Free App of the Day

Amazon's Free App of the Day

Every day Amazon offers a new app for free. Frequently the Free App of the Day (FAOTD) is a Kindle Fire game.

This is a great way to try out a new type of game (for free!) that you might not have previously considered buying. If you decide you don't like it you can easily remove it from your tablet.

I check the FAOTD every morning, usually soon after I wake up, and am always excited when it's a fun new game to try out. (I'm not obsessed....)

Cloud Storage for Your Kindle Fire Games

If you're like me and have maxed out your app storage by downloading a ton of games and other apps, you can always delete some of them off your Kindle, because a copy of it stays in your Amazon cloud storage, available for instant download to play at a later time.

This is especially beneficial since the Kindle Fire has a limited amount of memory allocated for apps, which includes game apps.


Love Note!

Over the years I've played a variety of games (both on and off of the computer) including popular, well-known games like Monopoly, Apples to Apples, and Solitaire, and less-known games like Dungeons and Dragons, Ascension, Bang!, and Titan Quest.

(Yes, I've played D&D, quite a bit of it actually, and it's fun! It's a creative, team-effort type of game with cool spells, creatures, and characters. Instead of trying to beat the other players you work with the entire group to defeat the bad guys and solve the story together.)

Anyway, I love trying out new games, especially Kindle Fire games and am excited to share all my finds with you.

Want Even More Android Games?

In Love With Android Logo (Used With Permission)

If you've breezed through all my game lists on this site and you're still hungry for me, then head on over to In Love With Android to check out all the lists of fun Android Games that are there.

However, please note that some of these games can only be found in the Google Play Store, but you can still find some excellent games both in the Amazon App Store or other third party app stores.

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