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Best Kindle Fire Detective Mystery Game?

This page is all about the absolute best Kindle Fire detective game!

In detective (or mystery/adventure) games you have to find objects, unlock secrets, and solve puzzles, kind of like choose-your-own-adventure games.

(Please note that these are not hidden object games although some games have both elements.)

Detective games are my favorite type of Kindle Fire games- I love them! For me, being able to play my favorite games on my favorite device equals pure entertainment!

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After learning all about my pick for the best Kindle Fire detective game, be sure to see this new list of my favorite games for the Kindle Fire which is full of similar detective/hidden object type games!

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Best Kindle Fire Detective Game... The Lost City!


Why it's the best:

  • Spectacular artwork
  • Clever game play
  • Fun, unique puzzles
  • Tons of detail
  • Perfect length (not too short, but not too long)
  • High quality game
The Lost City Home Screen

I absolutely love The Lost City, it is an outstanding game!

I first played The Secret of Grisly Manor by Fire Maple Games and really enjoyed it (although the ending is a little corny), so when their second game, The Lost City, was available in the Amazon App Store I didn't have to think about it twice, I instantly bought it!

And I'm pleased I did- it's fabulous!

The Lost City Lake and Island

Isn't this gorgeous?! And it's just ONE of the MANY beautiful scenes in this game. The artwork of The Lost City is fabulous, the puzzles are clever, the detective work is unique, and the story line is great.

I especially love the change of the seasons- very cool.

The Lost City Season 1
The Lost City Season 2

I've bought and played most of the other detective games for the Kindle Fire but none of them have reached the same level of quality as The Lost City. I'm really picky and expect a lot out of the games I buy and this did not disappoint.

So if my enthusiasm for this game hasn't convinced you yet, go try it out right now and see for yourself. For just a dollar you've got very little to lose. ;)

Be sure to also check out The Secret of Grisly Manor, since it's a ton of fun to play as well.

(I can't wait until the next one!)

More Fire Maple Games - New!

Fire Maple Games, the creator of these fabulous detective games, has come out with a new game! I'll be listing their future games (like these) here:

This is another winner! The graphics and artwork are beautiful and the games are fun. However, I did find the length of the game a bit too short. Either it was shorter than the first two, or I'm just getting too good at these games because it only took me a few hours to finish it.

Having said that, for a buck, this is a great deal for a great quality game! (That means it was still worth it, to me.) I also found the story line and talking animals a little corny, but other than these minor issues, it was a great game to play.

Here are a few screen shots:

Doesn't it look gorgeous?! If you haven't yet played it, go try Mosaika now!

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Important Note!

For the most part, I don't consider detective games to be hidden object games in which you are given a list of words for items you need to find within a scene.

Many games contain both detective and hidden object elements to them, so some games can be both, but for this pick it's strictly for the Best Detective Game.

However, I have a new list of my favorite Kindle Fire games which is full of both mystery and hidden object games!

More Kindle Fire Detective Games:

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