The Mystery of the Crimson Manor

by Rachel

Front Gate

Front Gate

This Kindle Fire Detective Game is obviously a knock-off of The Secret of Grisly Manor and although it's not on the same level of quality, it's not terrible either.

The Mystery of the Crimson Manor is a fun detective game. I found the puzzles challenging, yet fun, some of the detective aspects of the game are easier than others, while some kept me stumped for awhile.

Overall I found the graphics to be very good, the music and sound effects decent, and the game play enjoyable.

The worst part about this game (which is mainly why it doesn't warrant more stars) is the English translation- it's terrible! For example, instead of saying, "I found a key," it says, "I have found a key," and "I have found another key." Maybe that's not 100% wrong, but it's jarring to read and is the least of the errors in this game, there's far worse English and grammatical problems throughout the entire game.

I don't know who (or what program) translated this from its original language, but it really is unacceptable in a game marketed to an English speaking audience.

Other than that, and the final puzzle being near impossible to figure out (when it appears to be fairly simple), I enjoyed this game. Since it's not on the same level of quality as my pick for the Best Kindle Fire Detective Game it doesn't warrant five stars (flames), but it's still a worthy mystery game to play.

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A Four Flame Game
by: Rachel

This is definitely a detective/mystery game worth playing on your Kindle Fire, thus I give it four flames. Have you played this game? If so, what did you think? Did you enjoy it, find it fun, a bit of a challenge? Share your thoughts with us!

Good Game
by: Debbie~ nena

Any game that sets me off on an adventure and gives me a bit of a challenge I like. So I downloaded it and played it.

quality game
by: Anonymous

this game is very good thank you

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