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Best Kindle Fire Alchemy Creation Game

Here's my pick for the Best Kindle Fire Creation Game, but what does that mean?

Creation games are a clever "alchemy" type game where you add two elements together to create a new element. For example:

  • water + fire = steam
  • air + earth = dust
  • earth + water = mud
  • earth + fire = lava

I first stumbled upon this type of creation game for the Kindle Fire with Alchemy. Later I found Alchemy Genetics and then Doodle God and its spin-offs. I obsessively played through each game from beginning to end and although I like certain features in each game, there's one that stands out above the rest...

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Best Kindle Fire Alchemy Game... Doodle God!


Why it's the best:

  • Fabulous graphics
  • Simple and unique game play
  • Creative mini games
  • Excellent quality
Doodle God Home

Doodle God with it's fabulous artwork, simple structure, and multiple games takes the cake (well, it would if there was cake)! I love how this game was developed. Almost everything was expertly done. It has the best overall quality and is well worth the price.

Doodle God Categories
Doodle God Elements

If you have a short attention span this game app might be the one for you- at least it works for me! I found it was easy to play for several minutes, move on to something else, and then come back for some additional game play.

Other Creation Games

After playing Doodle God check out the other versions, Doodle Devil and Doodle Farm.

Neither game is quite as good or as long as Doodle God, but both are fun to play.

Be aware, though, that Doodle God and Doodle Devil may have some elements that are not appropriate for children, fortunately, both games have a kid-friendly option.

Also check out these other creation/alchemy games:

Alchemy Genetics is especially clever with its unique twist on the creation aspect by joining two separate features from animals to create a new creature.

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