More Free Games for Kindle Fire

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More Free Games for Kindle Fire

Here are even more free games for your Kindle Fire!

If you haven't yet browsed through my list of free Kindle Fire games start there first and then come back to browse through this continuation of my list. (Or you can start here first, there's a link at the bottom for my other list when you're done here.)

Mini Exclamation Poin

Since there's rarely anything in life that's actually 100% free, it's good to understand why/how games are sometimes offered for "free". Read my article, About Free Kindle Fire Games, to be aware of in-app purchases, advertisements, and more.

More Free Games for Your Kindle Fire!

Free Games on My Kindle Fire's Carousel

Before I begin, let me remind you that these games are not listed in any particular order, just the random order in which I decided to add them.

Now on to the main event!

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Free Game for Kindle Fire: Alchemy


  • Alchemy - $0.00
  • Category: Creation/Alchemy Puzzle
  • Screen Orientation: Landscape and Portrait

Alchemy was one of the first free games I got for my Kindle Fire (downloaded the day after I got my tablet). I was quite charmed with the simple concept of combining elements (water, earth, fire, air) to see what new elements were discovered.

I find this type of game fun as you combine your new discoveries with each other (and the original elements) to create even more new discoveries!

Update: Unfortunately, the game apps I had listed here are no longer available in the Amazon App Store. There are a few others you can search for yourself!

Other Options: (by other developers)

There are several other alchemy/creation games by other developers that you might like to check out too.

I especially liked playing Dragon Alchemy on my Kindle Fire, here's a screenshot of the combination of two dragons creating a new dragon.

Dragon Alchemy: Combining Fire + Gold = Sun

Fire + Gold = Sun

If you find that you really enjoy this type of game, be sure to see the winner of the Best Alchemy/Creation Game. There are several other creation-like games listed there too.

Free Game for Kindle Fire: Greedy Spiders


  • Greedy Spiders - $0.00
  • Category: Logic Puzzle
  • Screen Orientation: Landscape

If you haven't yet heard of (or tried) Greedy Spiders, this is a fun logic puzzle where you have to figure out how to free the flies before the spiders eat them. It's quite challenging (and frustrating, for me at least) so if you like a good logic puzzle check these ones out!

Optional Versions:

Currently there's a sequel of this game. Both the first and second versions come with a free version (supported with ads) as well as an ad-free version that you can pay for.

Unfortunately for those who don't want the ads, the ad-free version of the first Greedy Spiders is not available for the Kindle Fire.

Free Game for Kindle Fire: Candy Crush Saga


  • Candy Crush Saga - $0.00
  • Category: Match-Three
  • Screen Orientation: Portrait/Landscape

You can't have a list of free games for the Kindle Fire without adding the extremely popular match-three game, Candy Crush Saga.

Personally, I get bored with match-three type games but if you love them then check this one out, or any of the other options listed below.

Mini Exclamation Poin

WARNING! This is a very addictive match three game. It's tons of fun to play on your Kindle Fire but is also super popular on Facebook, that's because you need your Facebook friends to help you advance in this game.

There are a few knock-off clones in the Amazon App Store so be sure to get the OFFICIAL version that I've linked to above.

Other Options: (by other developers)

Free Game for Kindle Fire: Hangman


  • Hangman - $0.00
  • Category: Word
  • Screen Orientation: Portrait

This traditional word game is a must-have for enthusiastic word buffs who want all the free classics on their Kindle Fire.

Other Options:

Free Game for Kindle Fire: Bubble Buster


  • Bubble Buster - $0.00
  • Category: Bubble Pop/Slingshot
  • Screen Orientation: Portrait

Bubble popping games, where you aim a colored bubble (or ball) at a never ending ceiling of bubbles, are a dime a dozen... meaning there are a ton of them! Bubble Buster is the one I first tried, although it's not yet (as of this writing) available for the Kindle Fire HD.

Other Options:

These are a bunch of alternative bubble popping apps that work for both Amazon's original and HD tablets. The one pictured above is Shoot Bubble Deluxe which looks pretty awesome, but I haven't yet tried it myself.

Free Game for Kindle Fire: Solitaire


There definitely needs to be some free solitaire card games listed here, so I'm finally adding some! Card games seem to be some of the most widely available games in the App Store. Many don't cost you anything, but they are not all of equal value.

Solitaire Free Pack

I personally like Solitaire Free Pack, but with so many others to choose from, you may find something else you prefer.

If you'd like to try a super unique style of card game, see my pick for the Best Card Game!

Other Options:

Most of these apps are a collection of free solitaire games for your Kindle Fire. If you're looking for a specific card game (like Spider, Free Cell, etc) and don't want all the others, do a search for it as there are a ton of options in the Amazon App Store.

Free Game for Kindle Fire: Guess the Code


Did you ever play Mastermind with the actual board and pegs, not just on an electronic device? I did! I loved this game. As a kid, we had the really old version, the one with the brown board. :)

Personally, I enjoy playing this with a real person verses the computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) but it's still a super fun way to test your logic skills on your Kindle Fire.

Optional Versions:

Other Options:

There's a pro version of this app, and a few that call themselves Mastermind but as far as I can tell they were not created by the original company.

Free Game for Kindle Fire: HexLogic


  • HexLogic - Zoo - $0.00
  • Category: Logic Puzzle
  • Screen Orientation: Landscape

Although this is a free game to play on your Kindle Fire it doesn't have a ton of puzzles. It's more of an intro to the HexLogic type game and helps you learn how to play.

It's quite a clever puzzle and worth checking out if you like unique challenges.

HexLogic - Zoo Puzzle

Optional Versions:

Currently this is the only full version of this game but I assume more will be added in the future.

Mini Kindle Fire Exclamation Point

I will continue to add free games for your Kindle Fire to the bottom of this list, so check back often to see what's new! Or sign up for my Kindle Fire Alerts to be notified of big updates to this list.

Free Games $0.00

More Free Kindle Fire Games

As I mentioned at the beginning of this page, here's a link to my first list of Free Kindle Fire Games. If you haven't yet seen those games, be sure to stop on over there and browse through that list as it has some of my favorites.

Or visit my page all about Kindle Fire Games to see my list of all the BEST Games for your tablet. There are several categories including Best Hidden Object, Best Kid's, Best Unique, Best Overall, and more!

Have a favorite game but don't see it listed? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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