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This page is all about Free Kindle Fire Games! I love playing games on my tablet (I bet you do too!) and what could be better than fun Kindle Fire Games? Free games, that's what.

This list is of Free Games for the Kindle Fire. Yeah!

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See my page About Free Kindle Fire Games to learn why some games are free, how developers make their money with free games, and details about in-game purchases. Some of the Best Kindle Fire Games are free too, so don't miss those!

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Free Games for Kindle Fire

These free Kindle Fire games are not listed in a particular order, so be sure to browse through each one; you're sure to find some new gems and treasures to add to your collection!

I'll continually be adding new free games to this list so be sure to check back often or subscribe to my Kindle Fire Alerts to be notified of the latest updates.

Okay, enough chit chat, let's go!

Free Kindle Fire Game: Triple Town

Update: Unfortunately, this app is no longer available in the Amazon App Store. :'(


  • Triple Town - $0.00
    (Limited turns that increase after time)
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Screen Orientation: Landscape
  • Winner of Best Unique Kindle Fire Game

I absolutely love playing this free Kindle Fire game! The graphics are way cute and I really enjoy how the game is played. It's simple yet challenging. And it is totally addictive!


  • Unlimited Turns - $3.99
    (in-game purchase)

Be sure to see check out my Best Unique Kindle Fire Game page for tons of details, pictures, and tips for playing Triple Town.

Free Kindle Fire Game: Temple Run


This game is popular for a reason: it's a ton of fun! Plus it's a free game for your Kindle Fire. This super fast, intense game is simple to play yet difficult to master.

As you run for your life from a horde of giant angry monkeys you collect gems (coins) which you can use for power-ups.

Update: There's also a second version now available which is just as fabulous (if not more so) than the first!

Optional Versions:

  • Temple Run: Brave - $0.99  (Update: No longer available in Amazon App Store)

Disney has a variation of this game based on their animated movie, Brave. It's not free but does have an extra bow and arrow feature that isn't in the original one.

Personally, I prefer this version and love the graphics. I'm also partial to playing the adorable red headed girl with her Scottish accent. :)

Disney has a new version of Temple Run, this time based on the new movie, OZ.

I haven't yet tried this game but it looks fabulous, so I need to get it and play it myself!

Other Options:

There's another version of this game (by a different developer) that recently hit Amazon's App Store. TheEndApp is an apocalypse running game as you run from the end of the world.

Free Kindle Fire Game: FlipPix Art


These free Kindle Fire games are based on a Japanese logic puzzle called nono (don't ask me how to pronounce it, I have no-no idea). I first played this type of puzzle game with one of these FlipPix Art apps and have been hooked ever since.

There are several other nono game apps for the Kindle Fire but most aren't free. So if you'd like to try them out these free ones are great to start with.

Optional Versions: ($1.99 each)

There are currently several other versions of this game that cost a penny under two bucks. If you work your way through the Free Kindle Fire Games and are hankerin' for more, there are tons to choose from.

Free Kindle Fire Game: Sherlock


  • Sherlock Free - $0.00
  • Category: Logic Puzzle
  • Screen Orientation: Landscape and Portrait
Free Kindle Fire Game: Sherlock

This free Kindle Fire game is a retro game from way back in the early 1990's, one that I remember playing on my old Windows 3.0 computer (I think it was that one).

It hasn't been updated, so that means the graphics are still as ugly as they were back then, but the game play is still fun!

I'm actually addicted to this simple puzzle game. It's a great one to wind down with at night before bed. I often play it until I'm drowsy and then off to sleep I go!

Optional Versions:

The free version of this game comes with 30 puzzles so once you've mastered those you're ready to move on to one of the paid versions.

I'm currently on the Pro pack. It will be awhile until I've played all 600 puzzles before I'm ready to buy the Ultra pack with its 7,500 puzzles! At the rate I'm going I'll eventually get there, but then I should be good to go as I'll probably get sick of it before I finish all the puzzles... although maybe not. Time will tell.

Free Kindle Fire Game: Alchemy Challenge

Update: Unfortunately, this app is no longer available in the Amazon App Store.


Free Kindle Fire Game: Alchemy Challenge

This unique card game is a ton of fun, at least I think so! I found this one early on my quest for free Kindle Fire games and have enjoyed it ever since.

The challenge is to destroy your opponent's tower before he destroys yours OR you can try to win by building your tower first. Either way, it's a fun little card game that's worth trying since it's free.

PLUS it's the winner of my Best Kindle Fire Card Game category which you should check out for more details, photos, and such!

Free Kindle Fire Game: Angry Birds


We can't have a list of free Kindle Fire games without listing Angry Birds! (There's no reason it's in this exact spot, except this where I was at when I added it.)

This addictive sensation has almost flown out of control, but if you haven't yet played it maybe now's a good time to try... or if you haven't played all the other variations you can check them out too.

Optional Versions:

There are a ton of varieties of Angry Birds with several options to choose from including free, ad-free, and HD. Some versions aren't compatible with the Kindle Fire so they are not listed above.

Free Kindle Fire Game: Fruit Slice/Fruit Ninja


If you haven't yet played Fruit Slice it's a great free Kindle Fire game to download and play. There's a similar game called Fruit Ninja by a different company if you'd like to have some optional versions of the game.

Optional Versions: (by other developers)

I prefer Fruit Slice, myself, but the two games are basically the same for the most part.

Free Kindle Fire Game: Random Mahjong


Free Kindle Fire Game: Random Mahjong

This basic Mahjong game is a great free Kindle Fire game for your tablet. It comes with a ton of different boards and other features, such as different backgrounds, tile colors/shading, and more!

If you're new to Mahjong there are several free versions available in the Amazon App Store, this is just one of them.

Here are a few more of the nicer free ones below.

Optional Versions: (by other developers)

Free Kindle Fire Game: Sudoku Free


If you're looking for a free Sudoku game for your Kindle Fire this is a great one to get. There are a ton of Sudoku games in the Amazon App store, some are better than others, but it just depends on what you're looking for.

Here are several more Sudoku puzzles you can try out too.

Other Options:

Free Kindle Fire Game: Checkers Free


  • Checkers Free (Optime Software) - $0.00
  • Category: Board/Classic
  • Screen Orientation: Portrait

As a classic game, checkers makes for a great free Kindle Fire Game. This game lets you pass your tablet back and forth to play with a friend, or you can play verses one of the AIs.

Other Options:

Here are a few more checkers games from other developers which come with both a free and a paid version.

From AI Factory Limited:

From EnsenaSoft:

More Free Kindle Fire Games to Come!

This is just the beginning because I've added a second page with even More Free Kindle Fire Games.

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I'll continually be adding more games to the second list so return often or sign up for my Kindle Fire Alerts to be notified of new updates.

If you've already checked out both lists then maybe it's time to see all the other goodies on my Kindle Fire Games page, including my list of the BEST games!

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