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Kindle Fire Articles & News:

NEW 2016 Kindle Fire Announced!

Amazon has announced their latest Kindle Fire tablet, an "All-New" HD 8"!

I've typed up a page, Kindle Fire 2016, to go over the new specs, particularly a new software feature that a lot of people are going to be excited about!

For a quick peek about this new tablet I will tell you that it has an all-new LOW PRICE! Yes, this 8" Fire is a lot cheaper than last year's model.

If you're looking for a new tablet for yourself or someone else, then be sure to check out my article or go straight to Amazon's product page.

Oh, and I personally recommend spending the extra $30 to up the amount of storage to 32GB. I wish I'd done that with my personal Fire. In the long run you'll be glad you did. :)

I ♥ My Fire!


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Kindle Fire On Sale Today!

Amazon is having a "Device Deals for Back to School" SALE!

The following devices are on sale:

$20 Off: Kindle Fire Kids Edition
(Sale until August 27th @ 9pm PT)

$15 Off: Amazon Tap
(Sale until August 27th @ 9pm PT)

$20 Off: Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
(Sale until August 20th @ 9pm PT)

$20 Off: All-New Kindle E-reader
(Sale until August 20th @ 6pm PT)

See my article on the 2015 Kindle Fire tablets to learn more about these fabulous devices!

Also, be sure to note the TIME when the sales end so you don't miss out!

I ♥ My Fire!


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My Favorite Game and Happy 4th Birthday!

Today (May 16th) is Love My Fire's fourth birthday!!!!

I know I haven't posted much this past year and I feel bad about that; I apologize for not having done more on this site.

I've had a TON of things going on in my personal life, including a certification that took six months of hard, dedicated work. This was followed up by additional work and when added to the hundred and one other things I have going on... well, all my "work" time has been eaten up. :(

But enough of that- back to BIRTHDAY FUN!

For this year's celebration I'm going to share with you my current favorite game! This app has been consuming a lot of my "relax" time and I'm super excited to share it with you.

I'm not going to tell you what it is right here in this post because I've written up an entire page about it! Be sure to check out my favorite game and see if you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Thank you for being here for my website's fourth birthday!

I ♥ My Fire!


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$50 OFF Kindle Fire 10"!

For a limited time, Amazon's 10" Kindle Fire tablet is on sale!

This is the largest discount I've seen, with a whole $50 off the regular retail price! This is a sweet tablet for a sweet price and is a great deal for either yourself or as a fabulous gift for a loved one!

The Kid's edition of the 2015 tablet is also on sale for $20 off, and the 6" Kindle Fire is $30 off. If you're not looking for the large 10" model maybe one of these other beauties is what you need.

Be sure to check out my article about the 2015 tablets and Amazon's product page for the 10" Fire.

I ♥ My Fire!


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Updated: List of the Best Kindle Fire Apps!

My list of the Best Kindle Fire Apps has finally been updated!

I've completely rewritten the entire article. Only two apps from the original list survived the cut while all the rest are new!

Now, this list is an exclusive article for those who subscribe to my email newsletter. If you're already a subscriber just check your inbox for my latest email that was sent out on February 13th, or if you've kept any of my past emails the link is the same (under the header for "Exclusive Content").

If you're not a subscriber you can easily sign up by filling in the form on the far right of any page of my website. And of course you can unsubscribe at any time.

Enjoy this updated list of the best apps for improving your Kindle Fire, and if you have one to share, please let me know about it.

I ♥ My Fire!


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My Fire HDX 8.9" experience of just over a year.

I have a Fire HD (2012) 7, but I wanted to upgrade to something better. I got this one during November 2014. It performs twice as good as the HD. I've

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Giveaway Winners Announced!

The latest Kindle Fire Giveaway is now over and we have three winners!!

They are:

  • Paul W. of PA
  • Barry M. of VA
  • Nancy R. of NV

A big round of congratulations to our winners! I've already heard back from them and each is excited to receive their new Amazon Fire 7" tablet!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this fun giveaway. Stay tuned for future giveaways!

I ♥ My Fire!


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Kindle Fire Giveaway Still Live!

REMINDER: My Kindle Fire Giveaway is still going on! Enter now for your chance to win one of three new Fire 7" tablets!

There's still time so check it out before it's too late!

Also, Amazon's Fire HD 10" is on sale for $50 OFF! And the Fire 8" is $20 off! If you've been thinking about getting either of those, do it now while they're on sale!

I ♥ My Fire!


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Win 1 of 3 New Kindle Fire 7" Tablets!

That's right, it's time for a new Love My Fire Giveaway!

Enter now for your chance to win one of three prizes for a new 2015 Kindle Fire 7"! Entering is really easy too, so check out my giveaway page for all the details.

Also, Amazon is having a HUGE Black Friday "Deals Week" sale on their Fire tablets, Fire TV's and Sticks, Echo, and regular Kindle readers. So check out their awesome deals right now before it's too late!

If you're thinking about getting in on any of these deals (for you or a loved one) see Amazon's product pages ASAP (here are a few of the big ones):

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate this holiday on this day! I'm off to make mashed potatoes and cranberry garnish. :)

I ♥ My Fire!


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10" Fire on Sale for Limited Time!

Amazon is having a LIMITED-TIME SALE on their new 10" Kindle Fire tablet!!

With $30 off, this sweet tablet is a great deal for yourself, or a fabulous gift for a loved one!

If you're at all interested be sure to check out both my article about the new 2015 tablets and Amazon's product page for the 10" Fire.

I ♥ My Fire!


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