Best Kindle Fire Screen Protector

Updated June 05, 2023

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Best Kindle Fire Screen Protector

Looking for the best Kindle Fire screen protector? Find it here! This one is so much easier to install on your Kindle Fire than traditional screen protectors.

Learn all about this fabulous Kindle Fire accessory, and why it's so awesome!

If you're not sure you need one see my Kindle Fire Screen.

The best Kindle Fire Screen protector is available for all of Amazon's tablets (first and second generation, and HD 7" & 8.9"), so this article will apply to your tablet.

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Important Note!

I actually detest screen protectors and usually refuse to use one, but due to what happened to the Kindle Fire screen on my original tablet, I decided to try one out for my Kindle Fire HD... and it's fabulous!

If you don't think you need one, see the big mistake I made! (It might change your mind. It did mine.)

The Best Kindle Fire Screen Protector is...

... Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector!
(This links to the 8.9" see below for the other sizes!)

Why it's the Best:

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Simple to adjust placement while installing
  • Practically invisible to the eye
  • No bubbles, no glare, no rainbow discoloring
  • No lint, no crumbs, no fingerprints

Look how you can barely even see the screen protector on my Kindle Fire HD. I had to take a ton of pictures just to get my camera to pick up on it:

Edge of Skinmoi Screen Protector: Practically Invisible!

Invisible to the Eye

The Skinomi Kindle Fire screen protector is practically invisible to the eye! The only way I can really tell that it is there is by feel, it has a slight plasticy (is that a word? Nope, I just checked and it's not, but I'm still going to use it :P) feel.

This screen protector doesn't seem to have any affect on the response to my Kindle Fire touch screen either. Everything works as normal!

Traditional Screen Protectors Suck!

Sometime after receiving my first Kindle Fire I bought one of those traditional, sticky screen protectors. It stayed on my device for oh... about 30 minutes. Max!

I hated it!

My experience after installing protectors (on any device) is that I always end up with crumbs, lint, or stupid air bubbles.

This is usually due to the fact that I can't get it on straight the first time so I have to peal it back up, which creates static that attracts any lint and crumbs that were sneakily hiding when I cleaned the work space beforehand.

I've also tried anti-glare screen protectors but they were worse! They left a rainbow discoloration over the screen that was impossible to ignore.

Fortunately, some smarty pants at Skinomi figured out how to make this painful experience pain free! That's why their screen protectors are the best.

Easiest Installation Ever!

Skinomi Kindle Fire Screen Protector Packaging

The way you install the Skinomi screen protector is super easy.

However, I'd highly recommend watching their installation video first, that's what I did, before getting started. This way you can visually see the process which will increase your level of success.

You'll also want to be sure to identify the cutout holes for the light sensor and for the camera (on HD screen protectors only).

On the Kindle Fire HD tablets the camera hole is the large one in the center, while the light sensor is to the left of the camera (which is at the top while in landscape view).

If you put the screen protector with the sensor hole to the RIGHT of the camera hole you have it on backwards and it may not adhere properly.

Skinomi Kindle Fire Screen Protector Light Sensor and Camera Holes

On the original and second generation Kindle Fire the light sensor is located at the top left corner (portrait).

Having the holes actually helped me know which side to use when installing this super cool screen protector!

Mini Kindle Fire Exclamation Point

Be sure to wash your hands beforehand as the video doesn't show this, only the written instructions given below the video do. And watch the video first BEFORE you start so you know the full process before beginning.

Cleaning Smudges and Finger Grease

Kindle Fire Screen Cleaning Clothes

One of the great things about this screen protector is that it doesn't leave fingerprints on your screen.

Unfortunately, over time it does pick up the grease from your fingers which gets smeared around.

I find that cleaning the screen with a soft cloth usually does the trick.

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Full Amazon Review

Read a lot more about this fabulous Kindle Fire Screen protector and my experience with installing and using it, in my full review on Amazon.

Best Screen Protector for Each Kindle Fire

These amazing screen protectors are available for each tablet: (Don't know which Kindle Fire tablet you own? I'll show you!)

I had this screen protector on my Kindle Fire HD 7" for a long time before it wore out. I still think it's the best of its kind, so if you're looking for a way to protect the glass of your tablet, be sure to check this one out!

Best Kindle Fire Accessories?

Best Kindle Fire Accessories

Now you know what the best Kindle Fire Screen Protector is, check out my other picks by browsing through my Kindle Fire accessories page, which is full of tidbits of knowledge!

I ♥ My Fire!

- Christine

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