Kindle Fire Reset: When it Won't Turn on, Charge, or is Stuck

Is Your Kindle Fire Stuck?

Here's how to do a Kindle Fire reset to reboot your tablet when your Kindle Fire won't turn on, charge, or is stuck.

Resetting your device fixes a lot of Kindle Fire problems and is easy to do. So be sure you learn how to reset your Kindle Fire because at some point you're going to need it.

Mini Kindle Fire Exclamation Point

The tutorial on this page is not for doing a full Kindle Fire Reset to Factory Defaults. Here we'll just be rebooting your device. However, if you need to completely reset your tablet to its original, clean state that's when you would do a factory reset.

The solution to this issue works the same for each Kindle Fire. If you have the original Kindle Fire, second generation, or a Kindle Fire HD this article will show you how to reset it.

My Kindle Fire Won't...

When I hear (or read) these words from those who are experiencing a problem with their Kindle Fire it usually ends with something like, "turn on", "charge", or "work".

Kindle Fire Won't Work: Gray/Black Screen

If suddenly your Kindle Fire won't work, then it's most likely locked up.

However, sometimes when it locks up you can't tell because the screen goes dark, either gray or black. It just looks like it's off when in fact your Kindle Fire is on but is stuck.

This is usually why a Kindle Fire won't turn on or charge, because it's already on but is locked up and thus won't charge or work properly.

When an electronic device "locks up" or freezes usually resetting it fixes the problem.

When this happens I compare it to a traffic jam that needs to be cleared away, which is kind of what we're doing when we turn our Kindle Fire off and back on: clearing away an internal wreck or breaking up a fight.

That's just my take on things. ;)


How to Reset the Kindle Fire

Resetting your Kindle Fire is actually really easy, just hold down the power button for at least 20 seconds.

Original & Second Generation Kindle Fire Power Button

Original Kindle Fire Power Button

Kindle Fire HD 7" & 8.9"
Power Button

Kindle Fire HD Power Button

Second Generation Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX Power Button

Unless the screen is black or gray, you'll know when it's off. If you can't tell, just be sure to wait a full 20 seconds.

When you're ready, hit the power button to turn it back on.

Kindle Fire Won't Turn On

Kindle Fire Power Cord for Charging

If your Kindle Fire won't turn on it's possible the battery went dead (if it was left "on" too long).

Plug in the power charger and wait about 15 minutes to make sure it gets enough charge, and then try turning it on again.

If it still won't turn on, try to reset the Kindle Fire again to be sure it's powered off.

Exclamation Point

Important Note!

If your Kindle Fire won't charge it's very possible that your charger has died! Most of my original charging cables that came with my tablets have kicked the bucket.

If you have access to another charging cable, preferably from another Kindle Fire, try that to see if it works. If you have one from a phone you can try that as well.

NOTE: The charger obviously needs a Micro USB connection to fit into your Kindle Fire. HOWEVER, some cables won't work, at least some of the chargers I've tried have worked while others haven't. (TEST AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

I'm currently testing several different chargers and cords from other companies, which I'll post about later on this site.

Kindle Fire Fixed or Still Won't Work?

Hopefully resetting your tablet solves the problem, but if it doesn't you might want to consider doing a Kindle Fire reset to factory defaults.

If you're not ready for that extreme of a step, then I'd highly recommend contacting Amazon Support. (Select Help at the top and then the "Contact Us" button.)

If this tip (or anything else on my site) helps solve your Kindle Fire problem please let me know by posting a comment on my Facebook page, my Google+ Page, or even send me a Tweet!

I love knowing that the articles and resources I share on this website are helpful to others.

Kindle Fire Battery Saving Tips

If you're having trouble with keeping your Kindle Fire charged, you'll want to see my new battery saving tips. These will help your battery power last longer, letting you more fully enjoy your tablet and less time charging!

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