The Best Kindle Fire HD & HDX Cover

Best Kindle Fire HD Cover

I'm super excited to share with you the Best Kindle Fire HD Cover! I absolutely LOVE this Kindle Fire accessory, which is available in several colors and is a LOT cheaper than Amazon's official HD cover!

UPDATE: This cover is now available for the new Kindle Fire HD & HDX (released in 2013) and there's even a new "slimshell" version for all the new HD & HDX tablets! (See details below.)

This article is specific to Amazon's 2012 HD tablets. If you have either the original or second generation Kindle Fire I have an article for you here: The Best Kindle Fire Cover. For those with any of the new tablets released in 2013 (Kindle Fire HD 2nd generation and all the HDX devices) there's a very similar version of this cover for your tablet too (links below)!

Better Than Amazon's Official Cover

In my opinion (which is not so humble) the cover I found to be the "Best" is 100 times better than Amazon's official "Standing" Leather Case... if you're looking for a stand that actually works.

I first bought Amazon's cover in black because the "fuchsia" was an ugly color that couldn't decide if it was actually pink or purple.

I loved how my Kindle Fire perfectly fit into it. It was also sleek, thin, and felt great.

But the stand is a joke!

I placed it on my counter and it immediately fell flat on its back. The only way I could get it to stay up was at a very steep angle, but it was not sturdy.

If you have a more textured surface, it may hold better, but on slick surfaces it doesn't work worth snot.

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Mini Exclamation Poin

My choice for the Best Kindle Fire HD Cover is based on being able to prop up your tablet both in landscape and portrait.

If you don't know if you want/need a stand, then head on over to my article How to Choose a Kindle Fire Cover which will help you decide what kind of accessory and features are right for your needs.

Also, if you haven't read my article, Kindle Fire Covers vs Kindle Fire Cases, be sure to read that too as there is a big difference between the two!

On the other side of things, my sister loves Amazon's cover because it does what she wants. So to be fair, Amazon's case is better if you don't care about the stand and just want something slim and light to protect your device.

For a whopping $45 I expected more than what this expensive product offered. So if you're looking for a sturdy, functional, and versatile stand, Amazon's case is not the one to go with.

I immediately returned Amazon's product and started my search for the BEST KINDLE FIRE HD COVER. And I found it!

The Best Kindle Fire HD Cover is...

Origami Dual-View Kindle Fire HD Cover by rooCASE!

Best Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch Cover Re

Why it's the Best:

  • Excellent quality
  • Unique design
  • Folds into portrait and landscape stands for both directions
  • Four viewing angles
  • Auto Kindle Fire wake/sleep when opened/closed
  • Can charge device while using it
  • Soft, beautifully colored vegan leather
  • 1/3 price of Amazon's official cover

Excellent Quality

I am super impressed with this product; rooCASE did a fabulous job designing this cover for the Kindle Fire! The quality is top-notch and very sturdy.

The main screen of the device is completely free, meaning there are no parts of the screen that are blocked by this accessory, unlike a few poorly designed covers that are too close to the screen and partial block areas that you need to tap/touch. (I've mostly seen this problem with covers for the original Kindle Fire, which has a much narrower border than the new HD tablets.)

The designers also did a perfect job aligning the openings for each of the buttons, cord connections, front-facing camera, and speakers.

Unique Design: Folding Cover

rooCase Origami Kindle Fire HD Cover in Purple

The front flap of the rooCASE origami cover is the unique feature of this Kindle Fire accessory.

As you can see in the pictures, the front flap has several indents, or notches, pressed into the material.

These notches allow the flap to fold up into two separate stands, which can be used in five different ways and four distinct viewing angles!

This allows you to use the stand for each landscape and portrait view, rotating to the left or the right for all four 90° angles.

This is super important because it prevents you from having the problem that other covers have had which I explain in my article about the Biggest Mistake Kindle Fire Cover Designers Make.

This cover also uses magnets to hold each fold in place, which provides stability for each stand. It's quite ingenious!

How to Fold the rooCASE Origami Cover

Folding the front flap into each stand is very simple. To show you how simple it is I've put together this animated graphic made with 20 images!

I might have gotten a little carried away, but I really want you to see how versatile this cover is. The animated gif's starting point is the picture that says, "Best Kindle Fire HD Cover!" and continues on to show you how to fold each stand and how each angle looks with the camera located in both directions.

(I'm sorry about the repeated loop, I know it's annoying but I couldn't figure out how to let you start/stop the slideshow.)

Auto Wake/Sleep When Opened/Closed

Best Kindle Fire HD 7

One of the most important features that I looked for in my ideal cover was the ability to use the automatic wake/sleep feature. This is something that's new for the Kindle Fire HD tablets.

When you open the cover it signals your device to automatically "wake up" and when you close the cover it tells it to "go to sleep" but it doesn't actually turn it on or off.

This is super cool because it means you don't have to press the power button every time you want to use (or set aside) your Kindle Fire. I love this feature! It's especially important with the HD tablets because the power button is now flush with the device and is difficult to press (which I find both a pro and a con vs the original design).

The origami cover has this feature and it works great!

Charge Your Tablet While in Use... or Not!

There are two more great features I want to mention.

First, the ability to charge your tablet while using it, specifically in landscape mode. The great design of this cover actually keeps the cord off the ground, meaning your tablet isn't resting on the cord when it's plugged in so you can use your Kindle Fire while it's charging. Sweet!

Cover Creates Space for Charger Plug
Kindle Fire HD Cover With Charger Plugged In

Other covers with stands block the port opening, or put the weight of both the cover and tablet on the cord when plugged in. Not this cover!

As you can see in the above picture on the right, the cover's stand is propping the device up, with the cord off the floor. Thus, no pressure is being applied to the cord itself, which is very good for your Kindle!

Charge Your Kindle Fire With the Cover Closed!

Second, you can completely close the cover and charge your device when you're not using it because the inside of the flap has an open hole.

Here are some photos showing this. The first shows the open cover with the hole in the middle. While the second shows the double opening from the cover and the cover's flap when it's closed.

Open Cover Showing Hole For Power Cord

One of the other Kindle Fire covers (with both stand options) that I considered buying was unable to do this as there was no hole for the plug. The developer said this was to protect the ports from dust, but really it just hampers the user from charging their tablet when the cover's closed.

Just a few more reasons why this cover is so awesome!

Amazing Price!

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rooCase Origami Kindle Fire HD Cover Pink/Magenta

The rooCASE Origami Dual-View Kindle Fire HD Cover is currently available for both the HD 7" and 8.9" tablets for under $20.

WHAT!? Did I just say it's less than $20 bucks?!

That's right, I did! That's more than half the cost of Amazon's official case. You could buy two origami covers for the price of one of Amazon's. What a fabulous deal!

At such an affordable price it's worth trying out to see if you like it as much as I do.

SALE PRICE ALERT: These covers regularly go on sale (I can't keep up with the constant price changes) so if you find it on sale grab one while you can! If not, the regular price is still a super great deal.

rooCase Origami Kindle Fire Covers: Red, Green, Black, Purple, Magenta

Beautiful, Rich Colors

I love the colors too, and think they are rich and beautiful (unlike Amazon's puke ones).

Update: The covers for the "All New" Kindle Fire HD 7" (2nd generation) and HDX also come with an attached slot for holding a stylus, which can be good or bad, depending on your preference.

This cover is currently available in different colors depending on which tablet you have.

Kindle Fire HD 7" - First Generation

Kindle Fire HD 8.9"

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Kindle Fire HD 7" - Second Generation ("All New")

Kindle Fire HDX 7" (not currently available for 8.9")

Origami "SlimShell" Covers!

Roocase has also come out with an awesome, slimmer version of their origami cover which I'll be buying for my new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"! It's not available until December so when I finally have both (cover and tablet) in my hot little hands I'll do a more official review.

The only cover that currently isn't listing the new SlimShell, is the Kindle Fire HD 8.9".

Here are links to these new SlimShell covers for each color (all colors except black are labeled as "matte"):

Kindle Fire HD 7" - First Generation

Kindle Fire HDX 7"

Kindle Fire HD 7" - Second Generation

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"

Highly Recommended!

As you can see from all my glowing praise, I really love the original origami cover and highly recommend it as the BEST Kindle Fire HD Cover! (I'm still testing out the new Slim Shell covers so wait for my review coming soon.)

I'd love to hear what you think. Please post a comment on my facebook page!

Heart Icon

Most of the pictures of this cover are in red. If you haven't guessed why, that's because that's the color of the origami cover I bought and I love it! I like how it matches the color scheme of my site... I hope it's not too much red. :)

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I ♥ My Fire!

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