Kindle Fire Got Wet? Try This Water Fix!

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Unfortunately, getting your Kindle Fire wet is a common problem.

If you haven't yet dropped your tablet into the tub, toilet, pool, or sink it's only a matter of time until you experience this issue.

Be prepared by knowing ahead of time what to do if your Kindle Fire gets wet and how to fix it.

If you still have problems with your speakers after trying the tips below, check out my article about Kindle Fire Speaker Problems for a solution that just might help!

Getting the 'Moisture Detected' Warning Even Though Your Device Seems Dry?

This seems to be a problem with some newer versions of the Fire.

For more information - and tips to try to solve the problem - please see my article about the Water in Charging Port warning.

Kindle Fire Dropped in Tub

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If your Kindle Fire gets soaking wet DO NOT TURN IT ON! It's best to leave it alone and try this fix first before booting it up.

If you're not sure about trying this Kindle Fire trick, then I'd suggest contacting Amazon Support for their suggestion.


Please be aware that we do our best to share safe Kindle Fire resources with you, but Love My Fire cannot be held responsible or liable for any issues you (or your device) may experience by following the tips, tricks, and tutorials on this website. Please see the Terms of Use page for full details. Thanks!

Kindle Fire Water Damage Fix: What You'll Need

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Since this article was first written I have discovered an even BETTER method for preventing Kindle water damage (or for drying out any electronic device that may have taken an unintentional dip!).

The method is the same as described below, but instead of using rice, I now use silica gel.

Use silica gel to dry out your Fire tablet

Silica gel is WAY more absorbent than rice and may save the day if rice lets you down.

Where to get silica gel

You have a few options here:

1. You can buy silica gel beads in 1 lb bags from Amazon. They're not cheap, but if they save a valuable device then they're worth every penny!

2. You can use crystal cat litter (Amazon) if you have any! It might be worth buying some anyway, to keep on hand, as it works out cheaper than the gel beads.

3. Start saving all those little packets that come tucked inside shoeboxes! Those packets are filled with silica gel and intended to keep the shoes free of damp. It may take a while to accumulate as many as you'd need to dry out a tablet, but it's a nice, free option if you've managed to save enough!

And now back to the original article - how to fix a water damaged Amazon Fire tablet....

If your beloved device gets wet, this little trick is a great one to try. There's no guarantee, of course, but it's worth a shot!

First, here's what you'll need:

  • gallon sized storage bag
  • 4-6 cups dry (uncooked) rice
  • cloth
  • measuring cup (optional)

Alright, we're ready to go!

Kindle Fire Water Fix: Steps

First, remember my previous warning: Do NOT turn your tablet on.

If it was already on when your Kindle Fire got wet and the screen is still on then go ahead and turn it off. However, most likely the screen is already off, in which case let me repeat, do not turn it on!

We've all been there - dropped Kindle in bath... immediately started pressing buttons and tapping the screen to see if everything still worked.

But this can make the Kindle water damage much worse and could literally mean life or death for your device. So switch it off and resist the urge to keep switching it back on to 'check'.

Next, and this should be done immediately, wipe off all the water with your cloth. (I know this is obvious but it's best to include all the details; I used a microfiber cloth for this):

If your Kindle Fire has a case, remove it from its cover and wipe it down around all the edges, corners, ports, buttons, speakers, openings, etc. Get all the water that you can:

Now it's time to prepare our rice recipe.

Open the gallon sized storage bag and add 4-6 cups of rice. The amount isn't science, just enough to cover your Kindle Fire.

Why rice? Because it naturally absorbs water!

Over time, the moisture in your Kindle Fire will eventually be soaked up by the rice in the bag.

Nature rocks!

Stick your wet Kindle Fire in the bag of rice, press out the air, and close the bag. The least amount of air, the better:

Now let it sit for a minimum of 24 hours. If your Kindle Fire really got soaked I'd suggest 48-72 hours to be safe.

When the time has passed, open up the bag, remove your Kindle Fire, and wipe off the rice dust.

Now the moment of truth! Power on your Kindle Fire:

If it boots up and turns on then you know the fix worked! You'll need to unlock and use your Kindle Fire to confirm that it's working properly, but this is the first sign that all might be right again.

If it does not turn on, put your Kindle Fire back in the bag of rice for another 48+ hours before testing again.

If that doesn't do it then I'd suggest you contact Amazon Support to see if there is something they can do.

If your Fire is working but the speakers sound muffled or distorted, check out this article for more help.

Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty - Water Damage

The standard Amazon Fire tablet warranty that you get when you buy your device does NOT cover accidental water damage. Sad, but standard for most warranties.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but Kindle water damage is such a common problem that I strongly recommend taking out an extended warranty when you buy a new Fire.

Please see my Kindle Fire Warranty page for more details.

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Kindle Fire Love!

I've personally used this fix myself when my phone got wet and stopped working. And yes, the fix worked! My phone was back in business. Woot!

However, after all these years I haven't dropped a Kindle Fire in water or left one out in the rain (yet). Since I needed a test subject for this article I chose to use my oldest Kindle Fire (first generation) to test out this trick... and take pictures of it too, of course. ;)

I dunked it several times in the tub until it was quite soaked. "Please don't try this at home!" (See disclaimer above.)

Using this rice fix worked, my older Kindle Fire is working like normal! :)

What About the Leftover Rice?

Before you go I almost forgot something important. I highly recommend throwing out the rice when you're done, as the water from your wet Kindle Fire, no matter how small, might cause the rice to start to mold.

It's better to be safe and protect your health even though it feels like such a waste of yummy rice.

If this Kindle Fire water damage fix solves the problem for you I'd love to hear about it in the comments below, on any of my social pages, or by email.

Even if you don't need this tip now, you might need it later if you or a family member accidentally gets your Kindle Fire wet. It might be good to have an extra bag of rice on hand, just in case.

See my solutions to other Kindle Fire problems or any of my fabulous tips & tricks.

I ♥ My Fire!

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