Connecting a Kindle Fire to a TV

Kindle Fire on TV

How would you like to connect your Kindle Fire to your TV? If you have a first generation Kindle Fire HD, then you can! (If you have a new HD/HDX see the important note below.)

All you need is a Kindle Fire accessory and an HDTV, and you can easily hook up your tablet to your TV! How about I show you how?

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Important Note!

To be able to hook your Kindle Fire up to an HDTV, your tablet needs to either have the necessary HDMI port, Miracast, or Second Screen capability. Unfortunately, the first and second generation Kindle Fires don't have either of these abilities.

This tutorial is specifically for the First Generation Kindle Fire HD (2012)!

I've recently typed up a new tutorial on how to use an accessory to mirror your Kindle Fire screen to an HDTV which can be done with the new Kindle Fire HDX tablets (released in 2013).

For those of you with the Second Generation HD I have a note in my new tutorial that explains how you can do this with Second Screen and what is required to do so.

(If you don't know which tablet you have, see my infographic showing how you can know.)

Why Use Your Kindle Fire with a TV?

There are several benefits for being able to connect your device to your TV. Here are a few of the ones I've enjoyed using:

  • Watch Amazon Prime movies on your big screen HDTV.
  • Play videos from Netflix and other sites (like Hulu Plus, etc).
  • Catch up on missed TV episodes at,, etc.
  • Listen to music on your Kindle Fire through your TV or stereo speakers, then pump up the volume!
  • Play games, like trivia, that work for a group of people. Or turn your tablet and TV into a drawing board and play your own version of Pictionary/Win, Lose or Draw.
  • Turn your TV into a virtual, crackling fire with a fireplace app.
  • Show others all the cool things you can do on your Kindle Fire, this way everyone can watch!

What You Need: HDMI Cable

So the first thing you need is access to an HDTV. Got it? Good!

The second item you need is an HDMI to HDMI Micro cord.