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Important Apps to Help Protect Your Amazon Tablet!

These security apps for the Kindle Fire are perfect to help protect your little investment.

Although the Fire's basic operating system comes with a built in password lock, there are additional security measures we can (and probably should) take, like installing some useful Kindle Fire Apps.

Check out these apps to more fully secure your device.

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Smart App Protector


The first app on my list of ways to improve the security on your Kindle Fire is Smart App Protector. Not only does this app let you put a lock on individual apps but you can lock the other features of your tablet, including the web, photos, music, magazines, books, and more.

Although you can't individually lock your books and music, you can lock the overall ability to access them with this security app.

Smart App Protector Settings on my Kindle Fire

The free version of Smart App Protector works great, but after awhile I chose to buy the full version. For me, the main benefit is that once you enter in your password you don't have to enter it in again unless the display goes off, whereas in the free version you have to unlock every item you have locked every time you go into a new locked feature on your Kindle.

This app also has an additional feature you can add-on to keep others from being able to uninstall this app which is great if your Fire gets lost or stolen.

If you want to keep kids (or others) out of certain areas of your Fire I highly recommend this app as you can do just that! (Also see my page on Kindle Fire Security for Kids.)

Be sure to see my Kindle Fire password page to learn how to set a password to protect yourself from paying for unwanted apps and in-app purchases.



I figure it's only a matter of time before viruses, malware, spyware, and other nasty garbage makes an attempt to attack our Kindle Fires. (Don't you just hate these manipulate, intrusive, pieces of... crap?) Thus, it only makes sense to prepare ahead of time to prevent malicious software from sneaking it's way onto your Amazon tablet.

Of course, we hope that Amazon would be careful in preventing junk from making its way into their app store, so you may not need this app, but if you install any third-party apps (not from the Amazon app store) it would be very wise of you to install security apps like this one.

With VIRUSfighter you can run a quick scan and a deep scan of your Fire, as well as monitor any new apps you install. You can set the app to auto update as well as auto scan your device.

What's great about VIRUSfighter is that each time it scans an app it puts a note in the notification area (top left of your Kindle Fire where it says "______'s kindle" obviously the blank is where your name is). If you tap the notification area it will show you the results.

Here's a picture of the notification I received after installing CandySwipe FREE:

Virus Fighter Notification on Kindle Fire

VIRUSfighter is another security app that I have mixed thoughts about. The reason I'm not 100% confident in this app is that I don't know if it actually works... I guess that's how it is with most protective types of software until you have a positive or negative experience with it.

I've had this app installed on my tablet for awhile now and haven't yet been notified of any bad bugs or evil entities, but it has checked each app as I've installed it.

For all I know, VIRUSfighter is working, at least it appears to be doing its job, but only time will tell if it really will pick up on viruses if they somehow make their way onto our beloved Kindle Fires.

Other Virus/Malware Security Apps:

I've used this light version of Dr.Web Anti-virus (the paid version is no longer available for some reason) and it checked my Kindle Fire and didn't find any viruses, malware, or other issues.

This was, of course, really good news especially since I've installed quite a few apps from third party app stores. However, I don't know how well the app works, or the other ones since I haven't tried them either.

Be sure to read through the product description and reviews of any security apps you decide to try!

With all the thieves out there trying to steal from us, whether it be money, information, or our identities, protecting our Amazon tablets and our personal information stored on them, is something we should take seriously.

My Nephew Playing My Fire

So don't procrastinate taking preventative action by installing some, or all, of these security apps!

Be sure to read all about Kindle Fire Apps and setting up a Kindle Fire Password for additional ways to keep your device safe when downloading software.

And don't miss the Best Antivirus Apps for the Fire.

Also, if you allow children to use your tablet read my article on Kindle Fire Security for Kids. This way you can choose what apps, videos, and other features you allow your children to play with.

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