Kindle Fire Tablet Comparison Chart

Updated June 05, 2023

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Are you looking for a chart comparing Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets? If so, this is the page for you!

Keep reading and you'll learn all the nitty gritty about each Kindle Fire that Amazon has released to the market.

UPDATE: This page is now out of date. Please visit Which Kindle Fire do you Have to learn more about the features of newer models.

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Kindle Fire Tablet Comparison Chart Table

Fire Technical Specification Table

A site visitor actually requested this chart and I thought it was a great idea- thanks John!

It took some work to gather all this detailed info, but I did it! Now you can see which years/models of each Kindle Fire have which tech specs (technical specifications).

Some of the info you'll find in my Kindle Fire comparison table are the size, weight, resolution, GB options, CPU (central processing unit), RAM, cameras, color options, and much more! You can even see a price comparison of what the original base cost was at time of release. Of course, Amazon usually drops the price of its tablets before releasing the newest models.

I put together a full two page spreadsheet for this chart which you can access below in either image or pdf file format.

Kindle Fire Product Pages

I'm not going to post the entire chart yet, you can download the full version below. For your convenience I'm first linking to Amazon's product page for each tablet. Most of the pages for the older models can be very hard to find unless you've saved them- like I have! ;)

Why would you even want these? Well, if you want to: determine if your tablet has a certain feature, look through the reviews/questions, buy used copies, find compatible accessories, etc. You will need to make sure you visit the correct page for that specific Kindle Fire.

These tablets are listed in the same order as on the full Kindle Fire comparison chart below.

Amazon Kindle Fire Product Pages:

Now for the downloadable table...

Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice. Products listed as free may no longer be free. Please confirm all prices before purchasing products. is not responsible for any price changes or purchases you make. Please see the Terms of Use.

Download Kindle Fire Comparison Chart - Updated!

Since the images are hard to read when small it's best to just select the links below to view the large images, or download the pdf file.

If you find any errors or have questions about this chart please post in the comments below or contact me!

I hope this chart has helped you- I know it's made things more clear in my mind too. If you'd like to show your appreciation, please share this page/website with other Fire fans, follow any of my social sites, or comment below!

You can also check out my article, Which Kindle Fire Do I Have?, to see visuals of the technical specs as well as an infographic flowchart to help you determine your specific model.

I ♥ My Fire!
- Christine

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