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Want the Kindle Fire Flash Player? Install it now!

If you haven't heard, Adobe is no longer supporting their Flash player on newer Android devices, including the Kindle Fire- the big meanies!

Fortunately, there's a way around this problem and this Kindle Fire tip shows you how.

Kindle Fire Flash Video: The Hobbit; movie image copyright: Warner Brothers

Mini Exclamation Poin

If you have an original Kindle Fire (first generation), then you don't need this tutorial. Your tablet already has Adobe Flash installed on it! Just turn it on in your Silk browser's settings.

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Be sure to see my cool tip on how to watch Kindle Fire Flash Videos on YouTube (without Flash player)! This is especially great if you watch a lot of videos on YouTube and don't want to use a different browser.

Why Do I Need the Kindle Fire Flash Player?

If you're wondering what's the big deal about not having the Flash player on your Kindle Fire, or are unsure if you need it, let me explain. (If you already know you want it just skip ahead.)

If you watch a lot of videos on the Internet (YouTube, Facebook, etc) and want to watch them on your Kindle Fire HD you'll need the Flash player.

If you play a lot of games directly from your browser, including ones on Facebook, and want to play them on your Kindle Fire you'll need the Flash player.

Still not sure? Well, go to and try to watch your favorite video. You'll get this error:

Adobe Flash Player Required Error

If you want to watch the video without going to the mobile version of YouTube (see my Kindle Fire Flash Video Support tutorial for details) you'll need two things:

  • Dolphin Browser App
  • Flash Player

Ready? Let's move on!

Get Ready to Install Flash Player

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First, you will need to allow the installation of third party apps and will need to download the app, ES File Explorer. I've already shown how to do each of these steps in my tutorial on Side Loading Apps on the Kindle Fire.

Start from the beginning of that tutorial and follow the instructions all the way through step one: Allow Installation of Applications.

When you reach step two, skip this step. Scroll down to step three: Install the Android App.

When you're done come back here.

Install Dolphin Browser

The Adobe Flash Player won't work with the default Kindle Fire browser, which is called Silk. You'll need to install and use another browser called Dolphin.

The most current version of Dolphin won't work either, so we have to install an older version, 8.5.1, which we'll find by doing the following.

Go to the web (Silk) and type the url:

Mini Kindle Fire Exclamation Point

The above URL is a shortened link and is CASE SENSITIVE. The first part, isn't case sensitive but everything after that is. If you type lower case letters instead of the uppercase ones you'll not arrive at the preferred destination.

All the characters are letters except for the zero after the "N".

The full (long) path for this shortened link goes to:

Bitly Link to Download Flash Player for Kindle Fire

Tap the orange "Go" button to load the page.

If you've entered the correct URL the short link will redirect to the long link. Then your screen will probably jump back to the Kindle Fire carousel and a brief note should pop up saying, "Starting download...":

Dolphin Browser Starting download

Once the file is done downloading (you can check your notifications to see when it's done by sliding down the top menu) we need to run it.

Open the app ES File Explorer (downloaded previously) and tap the "Download" folder:

ES File Explorer Tap Download Folder

Tap on the file, Dolphin_Browser_HD_8.5.1.apk:

Tap Dolphin Browser APK Install File

Tap "Install":

Install Dolphin Browser App

Once complete, tap "Done":

Dolphin Browser HD Installed on Kindle Fire
Tap Done

Install Kindle Fire Flash Player

Now it's time to install the Kindle Fire Flash Player!

Go back to the web browser (Silk) on your Kindle Fire and type the following URL in the address bar:

Below is the page that will load. Slide the screen up so you can see the download button:

Page to Download Flash Player for Kindle Fire HD

Tap the "Download" button:

Mini Kindle Fire Exclamation Point

Make sure you tap the BLACK "DOWNLOAD" button as shown in the image below. Any other download links you see are ads and not the actual file!

Tap Download Button for Kindle Fire Flash Player

When the file has finished downloading (again, you can check your notification in the top menu to see when it is done) you will need to run it.

Go to ES File Explorer and tap the "Download" folder:

ES File Explorer Tap Download Folder

Tap the file, "install_flash_player_ics (1).apk":

Run Install File for Flash Player

Tap "Install":

Install Adobe Flash Player 11.1

Tap "Done":

Adobe Flash Player 11.1 Installed; Tap Done

Tap the Home button, go to your "Apps" and open Dolphin Browser: (it should show up at the top when viewing by "Device" and "By Recent", if not search for it "By Title".)

Open Dolphin Browser

Tap "Start now":

Start Using Dolphin Browser on Kindle Fire

Tap "Accept":

Accept Terms of Use

Tap the "Desktop" option:

Use Dolphin Browser as Desktop View (Not Mobile)

Tap "Next":

Accept Settings; Tap Next

If you don't want to subscribe to Dolphin's newsletter (I didn't) then tap "Skip":

Dolphin Browser Settings; Skip Newsletter Subscription

Watch Kindle Fire Flash Videos on YouTube

Now it's time to test the Flash player by watching a video on YouTube!

After tapping "Finish" in the step above, Dolphin's features page will open up.

Tap the address bar at the top and type:

Then tap "Go".

Dolphin Browser on Kindle Fire: Visit

Find a video you want to watch and click on it.

For this example we'll scroll up and tap the top video which, as of this tutorial, happens to be an official trailer for "Man of Steel" the new Superman movie:

Open YouTube Flash Video

A window will pop up asking you which browser you wish to use. Tap "Dolphin Browser HD":

Select Dolphin Browser

And voilà! It plays:
(the video in this picture is at full screen)

Kindle Fire Flash Video: Man of Steel; movie image copyright: Warner Brothers

Enjoy Flash on Your Kindle Fire!

So now you have the Kindle Fire Flash Player on your tablet and can enjoy surfing the web, watching videos, playing games, and all that jazz!

Ready to learn more fabulous Kindle Fire tricks? Check out all my other cool tutorials and tips.

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